How To Create Your Own Wikipedia Page In Few Steps?

Wikipedia is a good source of information. We all use Wikipedia most of the times. Have you ever thought that how you can create your own Wikipedia page?

Is it possible to create own Wikipedia page? 

Yes, It’s possible to create a Wikipedia Page for your brand. I think this article is going to be interesting for you, so let’s get ready to create your own Wikipedia page.

“Do You Wikipedia was founded on 15th January 2001.”

Google’s most liked one is Wikipedia. You can see Wikipedia’s results on the top of the search engine result pages. Having your own Wikipedia page brings up your company’s credibility and also gives out detailed information about the business to your prospects.

It’s an easy question to be answered and let us help with you that.

You Should Start With Your Own Account

It is always advisable to create an account with Wikipedia, although it’s not as much mandatory. The reason is, if you start editing without creating an account, then your IP address will be publicly viewable in the edit history.  And if you are found anonymous with Wikipedia or messing with other articles via editing, it might block your IP address.

So for the safety purpose, it is always advisable to have an account before you edit other articles or create your own article on Wikipedia.

Start Building Reputation With Wikipedia

Now the next important step is to build a reputation with Wikipedia. Before jumping into creating your own page, build a reputation with Wikipedia and make yourself as a trusted user. Now the question is how?

What you need to do is simply, do some genuine and effective edits on other articles. The bare minimum is 7 – 10 authentic edits and somewhere 10-12 days old Wikipedia account.

Once you have done with this, your account will be promoted as an autoconfirmed account and your edits will be published with fewer reviews.

Create Your Own Page On Wikipedia

The question here arises that how to create your own page on Wikipedia. Firstly research on your topic in Wikipedia. Because it is pretty strict on its plagiarism rules. You have to build trust with Wikipedia; one has to make sure the article is noble and original. Wikipedia does the notability test before publishing an article. And mind it anything if found duplicated will be discarded right away.

If you want to save yourself and ensure your page is authentic.

Search for your company name on Wikipedia.

You will see no results, if you are creating a page for the first time.

If you found no results, then you have the freedom to update your content as per the fact. In Wikipedia Authenticity is the Key.

First Step Towards The Creation Of Your Own Company Page

How to build a Wikipedia page? The answer is simple. The next and obvious step is to start building the page. So in the previous step, if you found that you page isn’t found in Wikipedia, there is a link which says” ask for the page to be created” that’s you all need to click on this page.  Content that you will create can be as per you but before you need to follow the standard format of Wikipedia.

Work on Wikipedia article & sandbox

Ask for the page to be created takes you to a page with a lot of instructions and warnings which Wikipedia provides before starting an article. Now click on Wikipedia article wizard to go ahead.  Now here you will be provided with 2 options;

            Write the article straight away

           Practice editing in the sandbox

          Choose whatever is suitable for you and start off your article.

Wikipedia Page About Your Business/ How To Cite Your Page

You can see a lot of numbers next to the text. These are the number of the link from which you have got the information. You can build trust with these citations, as well as with the readers. It shows to the Wikipedia that the information published on its page is published elsewhere as well.

You can link back to your website initially, for a business page. Also the look at other web pages from where you have earned link and link to them as well.

Submit Your Page For Review

once you had done with all steps now it’s time to sum up all activities, the final step is to submit your page for review. Wikipedia will test for the authenticity and notability of the article. And if you convinced the Wikipedia that your page is original and it is eligible for the Wikipedia topics, then it will publish your company’s legitimate Wikipedia page.

Keep updating your Wikipedia page with all the developments happening     with your company. This will help you to maintain your Wikipedia page by providing transparency as well. 

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