How to Create a Healthy Social Profile


Social media has emerged as an important part of marketing and if you want to establish your brand online then it’s very important to make a healthy/attractive social profile on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. These sites have huge following and can be a good source for you to get more customers, but for the same you must know how to promote your site on these sites to get the most out of it. Let’s discuss why and how to promote your business through social media.

Why to Go For Social Media

As we all know that social media plays an important role to ease out ourselves from our daily routine. These social networking sites have come up as great stress busters these days as all of us cannot take out much time from our busy schedule to hang out with family and friends but through these social networking sites a person can connect to anyone at his own convenience. Through these sites we can share our thoughts, pictures and other stuff with our friends. I would like to confirm you that only Facebook has more than 100 million active users and now you can think that how these sites can benefit us as a whole.

How and Where to Promote your Business through Social Sites

Facebook (A Big Bang)

Facebook is one of the best places where you can promote your business and can get clients through it. Create a business page on Facebook and start sharing your important and useful stuff over there. You can share useful and relevant images on this page. You can also share your services and products on this page. Request your friends to like your page and also tell them to share your content and images so that maximum number of users can see your content. This strategy works great to get huge number of likes.

Twitter (The Second Most Important Place)

Twitter is also an important social networking site with huge number of visitors. Like Facebook, You can create a business page here too and can share your important stuff. You can promote your services offering discounts and other promotional offers. Start following other brands and relevant business pages on twitter so that your presence is also felt and you too start having huge following.

Google+ (Most Important for Google Organic Ranking)

If you are in digital marketing then I hope you know about the importance of Google. Google has more than 70% stake in search queries and it can fetch large number of visitors. Create a business page on Google+ and make an authorship for your website. It’ll not only promote your brand via social community but also help you to increase your organic listing.


At the end of this article I can only say that social media can be a great source of getting visitors online and help you establish as a big brand over net.


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