How to Benefit from User-Generated Content to Save Money

The nature of the internet means that there are always groups of people out there who are passionately discussing almost any given niche with real authoritative knowledge.

To take advantage of this all you need to do is track down the forums and social media communities relating to the topic in question (which you can do easily through Google), sign-up to the forums you find and then search through them to see what people say. If you don’t find the answer you were looking for try posting and asking people for their opinions directly, more often than not forum dwellers are more than happy to help out.

Have a Look Through Related Web Forums

If you are looking for general advice when it comes to saving money online through the use of coupons or other special deals, then there are a few forums I would like to recommend to help get you started:

SavingAdvice – This is an extremely active forum dedicated to frugal living and personal finance matters. If you need advice on how to find the will power to save money, or how to get out of bad debt because you haven’t managed to save in the past, or where to find best deals and promo codes and free shipping codes, this is an excellent place to start out.

WiseBread – This forum has some excellent advise on how to live within a strict budget, as well as providing warnings for a lot of the common scams you see not only on the internet but in the real world as well.

For more money saving forums, you can check this forum search engine called Omgili is the forum search engine which has plenty of forums to search for the related discussions. The search results are real fun and pleasure to scan. See:

How many people took partin the discussion and how many posts there ave been overall;
Look through the actual snippets that mention the word you have searched for.

Thus, search results present a great discussion summary (chances are you won’t even have to go to the actual discussion board):

User Review Sites

Just as there are sites dedicated to bringing to light the latest and greatest scams as they happen, there are also sites dedicated to giving more traditional reviews on goods and services as well. Some of the best sites for finding out what people think about goods available online are:

AlaTest – When looking for reviews on electrical goods one of the best places to find out what people think is AlaTest, a database with over 10million products ranked based on reviews left on popular store sites around the web.

BizRate – An excellent search site which allows you to look up reviews and compare prices on a wide range of different products. BizRate pulls information from all of the most popular (and some of the lesser known) web based stores to help provide an accurate picture as to an items worth, making use of a very easy to understand graphical interface in order to do so.

CNet – Covering a wide range of mostly technology orientated products (both software and hardware), CNet is a system that relies not only on professional editors but on customer reviews as well. Some products even have video reviews and tutorials, which can go into much more detail than the average web based reviews. More often than not my first port of call whenever going to buy something tech related.

Do you leverage user-generated feedback to save money? Please share you tips!

10 thoughts on “How to Benefit from User-Generated Content to Save Money

  1. it was all about how nice your blog was, and of course, the content information you are there for. Auto blogs websites has infested the net, just like spam emails. If you generate someone Else’s rss content into an aggregation to your blog, you will not get credit for it anymore, only the main site gets credit for it. What happen to the days that people loved to write? Everybody now a days are lazy and dont like to write content for theme selves so they turn to an auto generated content, which in reality its a spun version of the real content. Obtaining 100 percent unique content is the key to success for your websites. The only way this method works is if you own several google ad%ense accounts, and blog farm your way to the top. Its possible but your skating on thin ice.

  2. I want to check Omgili. Seems it can make my life much easier than before in searching useful forums related something. But I tried using it and I’m a little bit confused with the presentation. There result of my search is a combination of reviews from website, social bookmarking and forums as well. I need to check the whole process to make everything clearer.

  3. Getting user generated content is one of the best ways to achieve higher SERP with Google and other major search engines. It sounds easy, but first website need to have good amount of traffic. The first step is proper SEO to drive this organic traffic and reliable visitors.

  4. These sites are a very smart way in order to spark ideas for new blog posts. They are a way of finding out what people are interested in and what they are looking for. Posting on these topics is a great way of generating more traffic to your website. The best part is it will be new traffic, so you are helping to expand your reach all at the same time. Thanks for the great information.

  5. You have just reminded me of an idea I had for a website. Thanks 🙂 . I want it to be with content written by users, so I do not have to write articles. I still have to think of some things. But it is always a good idea to make visitors do your work and for free. I will never forget how google let users tag some pictures in one of their services. And they made it like a game of some sort. But it was just some work that needed to be done, and users made it for free lol. It is awesome.

  6. Actually your are right Tinh one has to be very careful while using adsense in user generated content sites cos in that type of sites a lot of invalid clicks can happen

  7. Frankly I do not like user-generated contents like forum but it is reality and we have to accept that. However, you should be careful when placing adsense on those kinds of sites

  8. Good post, I hadn’t heard of a lot of these sites. Cnet is great and has been around for years. They used to have their own tv show.

    I find that video sites like youtube can also sometimes be good for reviews and such. It’s amazing the amount of topics that users create videos on.

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