How To Become Famous On Blogosphere Very Easily – A Quick Guide

Many newbie bloggers wants to become famous in the internet world and wants other will recommend them. Yes, writing good articles will always the right job that every gurus followed. But there are still some easy way to become famous on blogosphere. Lets us move to the main point

Writing guest post makes you star

I know many bloggers fails to do guest blogging don’t know the reason why (In my opinion they thinks instead of writing for others its good to write for themself). But guest posting is the best way to explode your self to the world. There is are many tips available on net on how to write guest post just google it. What guest post do for you? You may want backlinks from High PR blogs that’s why you do guest post but apart from getting backlinks, its also give a small recognition to the author of the blog, the readers and the organic search visitors.

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Make relation with gurus

This trick comes after guest posting, you should try to make realati0n with blogging gurus and the best idea is taking interview will make them remember. Gurus are will never know you untill you shout your name in front of them. As I already said that interview is the best way to make relationship with gurus. I think you will start taking interview of your blogging guru (If any)

Be mad on social network

You love facebook and twitter and also using them, but If you want more shine then be mad. Try to participate on every contest. Answer every question what people ask to you. Comment on others post. Share photos, videos. Connect with bloggers. And remember to like the fanpage if you love that. Tweet the post that you really want to share with others.

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Be a regular commentator

This is the most easiest past you ever used, commenting on you niche categories blog will not only show who you are but also give backlinks for your blog.

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These are the three easy and best way I am using to become famous also, I wrote guest post for others so that bloggers know me who I am. I think you should also start doing what I have done so far.If you have more tips let me know in the comment section.

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