How Can You Take Advantage of Spam Comments

Spam Comments? Just delete it!

There must be spam comments in your blog, I am quite sure about that, just check your comments moderation.

I am pretty sure again what you will do when you see spam comments is delete those comments. Well, that’s normal, I used to do that too until I know how to take advantage from spam comments.

If you have brand new blog, or you have just started as blogger, or maybe you want to make some experiment to make your blog more attractive, why don’t you start it from spam comments.

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Spam Comments? Take Advantage of It!

How spam comments actually works to your blog? It’s all about basic consumers psychology. Here are how these comments can help your blog :

    1. Attracting more comments from other visitors;
    2. Attracting visitors to stay longer in your blog, reading your blog post.

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Frankly speaking there are some blogs that shut down their comment plugins but there are many others who struggling to get more comments into their blogs, it will depend on you, the blog owner, whether comments are important or not. If you think it is important, then I might help you with this simple alternative way.

What spam comments can do is not to give you traffic, but to take the most of your limited traffic by making visitor stay longer and absorb all of your message from the blog articles that you provided. We can say this strategy effective for a new blog, a blog with no subscribers/readership base, or a blog with low traffic.

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The Nature of Spam Comments

Leaving comment is believed as one of the easiest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, right? So, people would do anything to promote their blogs by leaving comments on other blog.

In reality, there are millions of blog out there that attractive enough for you to leave comments. The one and only problem is you don’t have much time to leave your greatest comments on every single blogs.

That’s why spam comments born. Bloggers want to promote their blog to as many as other blog they can in relatively short of time. One of the easy ways making promotion is by making (spam) comments, sad but true. Will that be effective? It’s hard to say yes. Make sure you are not making spam comment unconsciously!

Many bloggers have tried methods you can do to reduce spam comments. Instead of doing that what if you can take advantage of it since spam comments will always exist.

Make Use of Spam Comments to Get More Real Comments

Readers are your consumers, thus they like to see what other readers have done within your blog article. There is high possibility of new visitors to spend more time at your blog if they see some comments are already exist.

I do realize for some people it’s hard to get a good and real comments from visitors but I believe you have so many spam comments on your comment dashboard. Why don’t you take advantage from those spam comments that you already have.

All you have to do is just select the best of the best spam comments. It will take some times but the result could be better. Here are some step-by-step guidance you can do:

  • Choose comments that use a human name not a brand or product;
  • Use comments that relevant enough with your article topic;
  • Remove the link inside the comments box.

After you finish your selection and edit, then hit publish. Pay some attention on your bounce rate analytics (from Google Analytics) and look how it change.

Make Use of Spam Comments to Keep Visitors Stay Longer Reading Your Post

I use this methods and I witness that my bounce rate analytics are keep low. A lower bounce rate is good indication. This is your target in taking advantage of your spam comments.

The more time your visitors spend to read your blog or even to leave some comments, the more chance you have to deliver your message. For business this could be profit, for individual this could be influence.

If you see a post with lot of comments will you like to read it too? Most people will. As I mentioned before about consumers psychology, comments can give you social proof. Number of comments can be a great indicator that what you have written is useful for many people.

I am pretty sure you ever read about blog tips on “how you can get blog comments”. Let say the most common things is having a call to action at the end of the posts. But, frankly speaking, it is still a mystery for many bloggers. And taking an advantage from your spam comments could be a shortcut to reveal that mystery.

May be it sounds bit controversial, but I have done that within my blog. So, are you ready to make some experiment? Why don’t you share your experience on spam comments by leaving comments below. You can also go through our Blogging Course to know more.

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