Guest Blogging: Fulfill Your Love For Writing Without The Stress

If you have a knack for writing and have wondered how to turn that natural talent into extra cash on the side or a bona-fide source of income, consider the following tips to write as a guest blog post author and build a stress-free career.

Write what you Know

The variety of blogs and their topics are about as wide as one hundred city blocks. If you feel like you have a corner on knowledge of something specific, seek out a blog that covers that topic. Writing to your strengths and covering topics that you already have a solid base of information will lead to natural articles that are easy to read and engaging to readers. If you have spent time in your career working with software escrow, let your experience shine as you explain this niche to those who don’t have your background but need some pertinent information. In no time you will gain a reputation for being an expert in your field.

Write what Interests You

If you have already covered topics that you have knowledge about then move on to topics that interest you. Is there something that you have always wanted to learn more about? Do you know the basics of day trading in the stock market but would like to know how to make a living from it? Do some research and explain your new-found knowledge for others to benefit from.

Write more of What You’ve already Written

That may sound funny, but take a post you’ve written in the past and figure out a way to continue with that topic. Think of it as a part 2 of your first article. Expand on a certain element of the first post that will help readers gain a better understanding of it.

Write Often

The more often you sit down to write the more efficient your writing will be. Set aside the hours that you will work each day and stick to your schedule. Training your brain to produce work at the same time each day will produce more productive hours and more sophisticated work.

Of course you will also need to contact many blog owners in order to post to their site, but it may be best to work through a third party who will contract the work for you–most internet marketing firms are looking for writers just like you. This way you can spend your time writing instead of looking for the work. After all, in this field ‘time is money’ means more than it does in other ventures.

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10 thoughts on “Guest Blogging: Fulfill Your Love For Writing Without The Stress

  1. When you do a thing which you really likes and have interest, you can do it at any way. But the thing you don’t like can’t do it at very best, you only try to complete the formality that’s it. This is not good if you’re a blogger as you can loose many potential readers, you need to be careful about it.

    1. I agree with you Akansha, it is better to write about what you know and go deeper into the topics than try your hand in new totally unknown things.

      Thanks for dropping by


  2. Writing quality guest posts is really important to attract readers of other blogs. Writing guest posts simply for the sake of backlinks will take us no where. While making guest post we have to concentrate more than what we do for our blog posts.

    1. Agree with you Mukund, like they say Quality is better than quantity, same implies for guest blogging and blogging for our own blog too. It is better to write one post but of the best quality. Thanks a lot for dropping by

      Delhi Courses

  3. Great set of tips for writers.Thanks… I personally love anime/ designing/ tech/programming and many other stuff. To be good at something write about something you are passionate about. That’s a good tip. Consistency too is a great tool. If we don’t keep up with our skills our skills with writing will degrade.

  4. that’s great advice! I will be embarking on a series of guest posts soon and I was wondering what I would write about but, thinking about it, I should just stick to what I always write and find blogs that fit that instead of the other way around

    1. Hi Andy,

      Guest posting hmm..that really sounds great..Hope my blog too is in the checklist. lol..just kidding. I think you got it right, It would be better to stick to what one knows and find blogs that fits that niche but I am sure for you it will be no problem because you certainly do know a lot about WordPress and Blogging stuffs.

      Thanks a lot for taking time here and Keep up the great work with Commentluv. Looking forward to seeing the new version

  5. These are the simple basic points which almost everybody knew that write what you know and write what interests you. Please try to write something new here because we come here daily to learn more from you.

  6. You really know how to inspire a girl! Yes, I agree that guest posting is a most efficient and effective way to achieve my goals. And yes, I have gotten lazy about it. I have a plan, but I just haven’t really gotten more than a few steps into it. I will rise to the challenge! Thanks, for the push, Sir 🙂

  7. What would most people do without the magnificent thoughts you reveal on this blog? Who has got the perseverance to deal with crucial topics in the interest of common subscribers like me? Hopefully you know how very much we get pleasure from your effort! Best wishes from us all.

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