Got Secrets? Secure and Encrypt!

Businesses take great measures in protecting their files and documents in order to protect their business model, financial health, and the affairs of their clients. Since a lot of business documents and transactions take place virtually (over the web and through computer files), it’s SO SO SO important for companies to take the necessary steps to protect sensitive documents, including email documents and communications. Email is probably the largest form of online communication- it would be wise for a business to focus on keeping sensitive emails protected as much as possible. You never know who may be peeking in your inbox or intercepting mail. Yes, I’m aware this sounds like a spy movie. Go with it 🙂

Using Secure Passwords

One very effective method used to keep email communications private is to use high-security passwords that are impenetrable… like a fortress. To ensure you have a password that is difficult to decipher, stay away from monotony and routine and be careful to not use the same password you do for other accounts. Use a crazy mixed up password that you’re on the brink of forgetting.

Use a combination of letters and numbers when you design a password. This further ensures the password is impossible to guesstimate and reduces the likelihood of any patterns in the code. Be sure to use the same technique when designing email passwords for other accounts, including those with your email hosting account. Hackers can penetrate your email host as well as your system, leaving your account vulnerable.

Don’t use your dog’s name. Don’t use your mom’s name. Don’t use your maiden name… and so on.

Encrypting Sensitive Information

When you send business documents via email, it’s a wise suggestion to encrypt the document before sending it. This reduces the chance of a hacker stealing the information. With encryption software, the program protects the data by converting the information to a code. When the program arrives at the intended recipient, the program returns the information to a format the receiver can view. The only place you want an unencrypted version is in RAM memory on your hard drive. For business safety, you should encrypt most lengthy documents, files, and emails containing financial or confidential information. When encrypting documents, it’s imperative the sender and receiver have the correct passwords to access the document, otherwise the encryption is useless.

Using Secure Clients

Using secure clients allows for safe transference of Internet files and email correspondence. A secure file transfer protocol (FTP) serves to prevent unauthorized access from users who attempt to gain passwords and/or user information from files sent via computer lines. This means all those little pesky hands from creepers and spies will be kept out of the cookie jar. Other penetrable operations, such as viruses and worms, can severely damage a protected system. These malicious programs access your system through email attachments and links within emails. Using a secure client renders them incapable and reduces the likelihood of malicious activity finding its way to sensitive documents and destroying and erasing private information.

Using one of these systems or a combination of them ensures your sensitive emails remain private and guarded against any hacking activity and viral attacks. Heavily arming your computer system with as much software as possible can help keep your business and its information safe from hackers and nosy competitors.

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An avid lover of all things caffeine, Selena Narayanasamy is involved in everything technology and social media related. She has multiple degrees in business, marketing and finance. Along with all this, she also writes for Search Engine Journal and is growing Esvienne, her own personal social media and tech blog.

12 thoughts on “Got Secrets? Secure and Encrypt!

  1. Thank for sharing this important thing. I have a question for you, is it safe to use Roboform? I have been using for the last couple of months, seems working ok, but just curious is it safe to use? , but These are very nice! Very inspirational for This Information,thanks for putting this together.

  2. Security & Encryption are really needed in these day & age. Everyone must be aware of the risk in the internet . Protecting yourself is a must. A really good password uses a combination of letters, numbers & symbols.

  3. I think encryption is very important nowadays with all those trojans and adware that is running on the web. Most of my business documents are encrypted and I have remote back-up. The encryption is very powerful and the only way to brake it is with brute force which probably will take about 600 years.

  4. Security is the most common and popular problem we currently experiencing right now. Considering the fact that even if it’s online or offline security for every business. All we need to do is lay down an effective security that we need to update from time to time.

  5. Thanks for passing along the awesome information. It’s a subject that’s very important and not often covered. One of my favorite ways of staying secure is to have an encrypted external hard drive. It keeps all your information both off the computer and off the internet. It can be helpful in many unfortunate situations.

  6. It’s important for companies to educate workers on this topic. A lot of people just use their children’s name for passwords and that isn’t really a good idea.

    Another thing some people need to be careful of is making sure they log out when accessing email and such in public.

  7. Thanks for sharing this important thing. I have a question if you can answer, I am using ROBOForm, is it safe to use Roboform? I have been using for the last couple of months, seems working ok..can you suggest?

  8. My old email before was hacked and I don’t have the slightest idea how it happened. All I know was I lost very vital information that I need for my thesis since I communicate with my adviser through email. I had to pick up pieces from scratch. It really depressed me. Anyway, it taught me a lesson so now I am absolutely careful.

  9. i never believe in a single copy of information so used to store on webhosting plans…

    later i learnt about AED encryption,DES algo and all… and this is how i started securing my data

  10. Security is very important, a couple a days ago, I receive crazy message that my Gmal account was access twice from China and once from Japan. I have critical web hosting account information there. I immediately changed login information and checked for viruses and spyware on my host. Thank God I have root access and latest scanners are installed in my WHM.

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