Google Adsense Requirements And Tips For Quick and Fast Approval

All of us know that Google Adsense is the highest paying advertising network in the world, but we also know how hard it can be to get approved for the Adsense program. Even I too was rejected about two times before I was finally accepted for the Adsense program.

Along my blogging journey till now, I have come across a lot of tips that can help you get your adsense account approved quickly and so today I am going to share them to you all.

First of All let us review the minimum requirements for the Google Adsense program:

Google Adsense Minimum Requirements:

You should be older than 18 years to apply for Adsense. If you are smaller than 18 years than you could ask your Parents to apply on your behalf.
You should have a fully launched website. Google Adsense does not entertain Under Construction websites.
Your website should have a good amount of content. You should know that Google does not accept sites with very less contents.
A valid email address that works because you will be getting verification and confirmation email in that address
A bank account so that you can deposit the checks that you receive from Adsense.
Your blog/website must not contain illegal content, pornography and hate-related stuffs.
Your website or blog should be 6 months old. (Well, I know that Google is not quite strict on this requirement and if the Google Adsense Team finds that your website is good enough then they approve it even if it is 1-2 months old.)

Tips to Get Quick Approval In Adsense

The following tips will try to answer the question “How To Get Approved In Adsense?”

Make Sure you have atleast around 10-12 posts in your blog before you apply for Adsense.

Make sure that you have atleast a decent amount of traffic to your blog or website. Google would not accept anyone having 10-20 unique visitors a day.

If you are thinking about starting a website or a blog and have not started one yet, you should get yourself a domain which has a good age ( Age means the amount of time the domain has been live and used for a website). A good enough age would be 1-2 years and more.

Avoid writing anything about Adsense before you apply for Adsense. Even if you do write, avoid writing anything negative against Google, Adsense or any of Google’s subsidiaries.

Avoid using advertising from other networks when you apply for Adsense. Google hates competition.

Do not use high Paying keywords in your site when you apply for Adsense. Google may get the hint that you are there only for the money and not for providing information and knowledge to your readers.

Write quality content on your blog/website, Do not use freely available articles from Article Directories or PLR Articles. Google takes your content quite into consideration before approving or disapproving sites to their program.

Build a good amount of backlinks to your blog/site. If you can, then build links from quality sites with good PR. Your backlink popularity may just impress the Google team to approve your application.

If you are a business owner then try adding a blog related to your business to your site before you apply for Adsense. Add a blog, add contents to it and promote it enough to get decent traffic.You could impress Google Team by your attachment to the business.

If you are just starting blogging, choose niches which pleases Google for example Open Source, Charity etc. You may just strike the softer part of the Google Adsense Team. (Well, on a short note: This cannot be possible if you are already blogging and have a blog/website in a niche, so you could just make a blogspot Blog around a soft-niche as mentioned above and build some link and traffic around it.)

If your website is not a blog but a ‘traditional informational website’, make sure you have at least 10 pages. Make Sure your main page link to these 10 pages in a clear and concise way.

Have an ‘About’ page. Google really wants to know What is your site about and Who Are You?

Have a ‘Privacy Policy’ Page. If you don’t know how to make one, go to

Your site has to be easy to navigate and legible. No misleading links that route everywhere and frustrate a vistor.

If you are using WordPress, then do sure to add some information about yourself in your profile and do not forget to use your real name. It increases creditability.

Avoid writing about Black Hat Techniques while applying for Google Adsense

Avoid using Pop-ups or Pop-up Advertising when you are applying for Adsense

Make a blog at, build traffic and links to it and then try signing up for Adsense through It has been noticed that Adsense Application through has higher chances of approval.

Try registering for Adsense through Google Adsense Partner Sites like Youtube, Hubspot, Flixya, Docstoc, Xomba and Infobarrel. Many people have got success in registering for Adsense using these sites.

All in all these are just basic rules that you can follow to become successful in getting your Adsense application approved. There is no quick route to success and in a similar manner there no such quick route to Google Adsense approval too. If you follow all of the above tips then I am sure your Adsense application will certainly get approved. Yet, if you get rejected following the above tips too, just keep your patience intact, do a bit more link building, social media promotion and post some more quality articles in your blog/website and surely you are going to get approved.

Also on side note, I would like to warn you against the number of “Get an Adsense Account in 24 hours” type of offers that have been coming up in the Internet. Be cautious and stay away from them. They may give you an Adsense account in a day or so but that account will not last long and will be banned in a few months.

I hope you do get approved for Google Adsense following all these tips and If you do so then do not forget to return back and comment here.

I would recommend people to wait at least for atleast around 2 months before they submit their website for Adsense review. Try to get a good amount of traffic and also do not forget to get a good amount of backlinks to your site. Do not hurry to get Adsense approval, first try to get the Google trust then the approval will happen automatically.

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