Getting Lost in the World of SEO – Beginner SEO

First of all this is going to be the last post for Beginner SEO. I plan on creating the next list on Intermediate SEO, and then a section on Advanced SEO. Hopefully the Blog Owner will be happy for me to keep these up.

I thought bearing in mind that we have covered many of the basics including:

Link Building
On Site Optimisation
Cleaning up your Website
Off Page SEO

That we could move on to look at a organizing your SEO campaign, and how to stay on track! Keeping on course is an important aspect with SEO, and I am going to divulge a few important slices of information, that you should always keep in mind!

  • Do Not Panic The fastest way that you can ruin your own SEO campaign is if you panic when you lose a ranking, or if a page drops out of the top 10. The worst practice would be to start changing things immediately. If you don’t know what the problem is, then don’t do anything until you figure it out. When I first started I had a site drop out of the SERPS and then thought it was because I didn’t build enough links to it. Turns out I built too many links in a short time and could have made things worse.
  • Set yourself a plan Try to create a plan of action, list some techniques that you want to try and then plan them all out over the months. Don’t do everything in one go! If you are trying some new link building techniques, spread them out, and give your site a chance to experiment with them! Then you can put some emphasis on separate things and the success that they provide.
  • Don’t overload your page or over optimize! Over Optimization is one of the easiest things for Google to spot and penalise you for. If you cram too many keywords into one page and over optimize it, Google can spot this. You will more than likely receive a penalty and drop out of your normal position. This is where you can go back in and change the text changes you have made back to what they were! Add pieces of the text back in slowly, and monitor the changes after you have returned to your normal position
  • Don’t buy too many links! It is fine to pay for a few directory links every now and then, but try not to purchase links from blogs. If you start to create a trail of links that you have paid for, you are probably going to get spotted! I have seen this happen before, and recovery isn’t quick, it also isn’t all that easy to spot either!
  • Monitor a mass list of rankings. If you control your own website, do keyword research that encompasses a mass of links! In cooperation with Google Analytics, make sure that you monitor the rankings of about 100 – 200 different terms. This allows you to see where traffic is coming from and at what positions. You can also find new terms that you begin to rank for! Link building on one term can have a positive effect on others. You will probably need a program to help you out. Something like WEB CEO is quite effective!
  • Don’t stress! Similar to panicking, but seriously don’t stress yourself out. Sometimes it can take a while for link building or site changes to have an effect. To be honest if something takes some time to have an effect, it is probably going to work quite well! So take your time, and try not to get annoyed! The SERPS fluctuate, it is a fact, and it will happen, things will also get more regular as they go on!

Hopefully these have helped, and I will begin the next level of SEO soon! You can also join our SEO Course to know more.

13 thoughts on “Getting Lost in the World of SEO – Beginner SEO

  1. You can also use Google Webmaster Tools for checking your progress in Google. It shows views, clicks, CTR for all of your keywords you rank on.

  2. Buying links can definitely lead to more harm than good sometimes. Google has been working hard to find paid links and discredit their value. In extreme cases, they can even lead to the label of being a spam site. This has been a great series, thanks for all the helpful information.

  3. I agree that you should be very careful as to buying links. It is certainly against Google’s politics, so if they find out, youre site might be penlized.

  4. Organizing everything is very important part of SEO and Internet Marketing. There are so many avenues that can be approached that without a proper plan for sure you will be lost.

  5. This is really a great and informative post. Thank you so much. I am new to this business so I hope i can find more of this informative stuff for newbies. I am really guilty as charged when you say about panic when losing the page rank. I did change everything which is I believe was wrong.

    Thanks thanks.

  6. This were good series of articles and most ethic ways of SEO were explained well. I think SEO and internet marketing can not be described even in 10,000 pages. The best way is to practice and work on many projects from different niche. Every niche is very specific and different strategies applies. I was one of the lucky guys that had the chance to do SEO, before word SEO was in the dictionary and even Google was a kind of small web directory.

  7. This is the first article I read in your series. I don’t know it is that good. SEO is such a big subject, I read many books but it seems like never get enough of it.

  8. Well, nothing is 100% safe 🙂 . Just do not make the deal very public. If you buy, do not buy from a guy that has showed the URL of the site in a forum post. He should give it only in a private message or email.
    Do not buy links in footer and always put some text around the link (short description).

  9. Having a plan is very important. It will help you achieve your goals 🙂 . And instead of buying links, if you have time and do not have much money, you can do some dofollow blog commenting and high PR directory submissions.

  10. Competitor analysis is very important. It tells you that whether you can beat your competitor or not.
    Targeting low competitive keywords can save a lot of time in the whole SEO process.

  11. True …I’ve experience over optimizing one website which Google has spotted it and the result is knocking the page ranking to a rank which you can’t even see the keyword rank at all. I agree to other commentator. Quality links are needed and not the quantity.

  12. The most important SEO is done on-page, because if your website is not optimized on-page in the first place, all the off-page efforts with building links and traffic may not yield maximum benefits.

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