Factors That Will Ensure Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate Marketing is an important part in Digital Marketing. Before going to start affiliate marketing website, everyone should need to consider some important factors that may impact the affiliate marketing success. Going with prior preparation definitely brings good results. Always make sure that you have to move with strategical planning, for that you need to work step by step. There are some factors that I noticed in almost all of the most successful affiliate websites in the blogosphere.


  • Specific goal setting
  • Right niche for your website
  • Do proper keyword research
  • Always focus on building an email list
  • Analyze how you can be the best one in the competition

Specific goal setting – goals are the rough drawing of your ideas, you should have a clear and basic picture in your mind about your plans, you need to set goals which are specific, measurable, and timely. And if you have not decided anything then you can easily loose track. Your goals should have some qualities like:

Your goal should be specific

It is measurable



And timely

Always figure out what you have accomplished in your overall sales at the end of every single day, and if achieved the number to hit your goal then hit your back and move to the next with the same planning, and if not getting the things done then at least choose a way that will help you to achieve your goal next time, here you can also go with the divided goals into small ways which are mentioned below;

  1. Your daily goals
  2. Your weekly goals
  3. Your monthly goals
  4. Long term goals

DAILY BASIS GOALS – This includes everything from your daily sales counts to your subscribers, increase in social shares, simply you should have to go through at least in a day that how your sales are going, or how you can improve in your extra sales, have you implemented the same strategy

That you have planned in your daily basis goals. So this is way how you can figure out about your profit on daily basis.

WEEKLY GOALS – now you need to set the weekly goals to hit  your monthly goals, ask yourself what you need to do every week to accomplish the set goals .Revise at the end of every week that how much improvement you have made in the week otherwise you’ll easily lose your sight on long term goals. Increase in sales and loss count will help you to know about your strengths and drawbacks. 

MONTHLY GOALS – These are important goals because it gives enough time for you to achieve whatever you want and at the end they will give you the direction on how you are achieving your goals. At the end of a month you can figure out what strategy was useful in increasing sales, or what was not worthy, what alternate steps you can take.

QUARTERLY GOALS – you can set an aim of 2000 visitors to your site within 4 months, and if you hit that then just start making aim for bigger quarterly goals. If not then try to figure out what went wrong and now what you can do to achieve your quarterly goals .because you cannot take a big step in a short period of time, so dividing into small goals would be beneficial

YEARLY GOALS – setting of yearly goals is easy but it’s hard to achieve (for example, reaching to $4000 to $5000 a month in affiliate commission within a year) here you can feel the need to divide your yearly goals into quarterly ,monthly and weekly goals to easily manage the sales profit . Without the goals you cannot make the things happen, and increase in sales.

Goals are the basis for your every implementation and through its revision you can easily compare your achievements in a week, in a month and in a year. Only mistakes and failures are the evidences that you are making efforts, work with patience and consistency and you will definitely get results.

The right niche for your website – Next important step is now to select an appropriate niche for your website that about what topic you want to blog is one of the time consuming task. Now start with selecting the core topic in which you are interested and that have ton of affiliate products you can use to promote through your sites. Instead of picking too broad niche, focus on specifically targeted niche.

Now use affiliate marketing platforms like commission junction, click bank, Amazon etc. for finding money generating products. And through the use of these affiliate marketing platforms is that you can find high paying commissions products where you can earn up to 70% commission for each successful sale.

Here you need to ensure some of the metrics while picking affiliate products to promote from sites like click bank.

  • Initial scale $ /the average amount of money affiliates make per sale
  • Average scale /the % of the sales price affiliate take as a commission.
  • Grav / no of the affiliates that sold this product in the last 12 weeks
  •  Avg rebill total /average commission as a result of rebills
  • Avg % rebill/ %of rebills paid to the affiliate ,on average

Analyze your competition in the race of appropriate niche-

before going to finalize your niche for affiliate marketing; you must do a thorough analysis of your competitors. You can use tools like AdWords, to easily analyze your competitor’s best performing keywords, high traffic generating pages, backlinks sources etc. once you collect all data about everything needed for your website then you can easily decide whether your niche is profitable or not.

Proper keyword research – you can relate appropriate keywords with your affiliate sales, it is the common trait behind most successful affiliate websites. And if you are looking for the way that can help you to increase sales then you have to do a solid keyword research for that you need to know about the difference between commercial keyword and informational keywords. Let’s have a bit idea about commercial and informational keywords.

Commercial keywords  -include keywords that people use right before they make a purchase, simply the keyword that focus on the brand or service ex discounts on products.

Informational keywords – these keywords are simply related to the information and to educate the audience, they are mainly used to create the awareness about the products. As an affiliate marketer firstly you need to learn how to sell your product for that you need to educate your audience about the good things about your products that you want to promote.

Now question is that you will go with which type of keyword to increase your sale, the answer is simple that you need more traffic to your website and it can be done only by focusing on informational keywords, and by targeting commercial intent keywords you can increase the sales .now it’s clear that both types play important roles in the sales so keeping a nice blend type of keywords while creating content for your website will ensure more traffic along with more affiliate sales.

Focus on list building – If you make an estimate most of the affiliate marketers usually don’t focus on the building an email list. They do include 1 or 2 email options in forms on their sites to capture email subscribers but they don’t focus on giving this their no 1 priority to building and growing their email lists ,this the common reason why they end up with lots of struggle to make any sales .

You can see there are huge benefits of having an email list like you own the list and now can do whatever you want with it, you can also drive targeted traffic to your website or towards affiliate products, moreover you can generate more affiliate sales and the list goes on .email list building can be more profitable in order to increase your sales and commission, but before that you need to know about how you can build a thriving email list, here are some steps given below

IRRESISTIBLE LEAD MAGNET – this can be beneficial to attract the audience simply you need to bribe the audience because they cannot easily give you their email address, you can use eBook, checklist, plugin, theme or anything that makes your audience compelled to join your email list immediately after seeing it.

CREATE AN EMAIL SEQUENCE –email sequence is necessary because it makes your email more informative. Always create an informative email sequence that goes at regular intervals like weeks or days whenever someone joins your email list .your sales also depends upon that how good and informative your email sequence is, so try to create quality emails.

KEEP AN EYE TO YOUR COMPETITORS EMAIL LIST – Subscribe to your competitor’s email list this will give you lots of ideas that how they are using their email lists to promote their business. This is the fact that if you want to learn something then always surrounds yourself with the people who are doing better than you, this is how you can tweak the ideas from your competitor’s email list and use that ideas to create an email list for you as well.


Before entering into any niche or writing any topic makes sure to use google search because you need to find out the top results out of your competition .just enter your desired keywords on Google that you want to rank for and see the top 10 results to find out your target competition. That way you‘ll be able to understand why they are ranking on 1st page of Google .You need to ensure some factors while doing competitors analysis in any niche to lay the strong foundation for your affiliate marketing website success.

No of backlinks

Valuable content

Important metrics like DA, PA

So let’s talk about these factors in details so that it can be easy for you to understand how to do competitor reasech.

BACK LINK PROFILES – this will help you to find out all the backlinks including toxic, irrelevant link sources, relevant of your competitor’s .and once you will find out the way to analyze the backlink profile it becomes easier for you to find the complexity of rankings. And through the use of SEMrush and you can easily find all the backlinks.

VALUABLE CONTENT –content is the king as you know because until unless you provide information regarding your product and services you cannot increase your sales .now you can check it by entering your targeted keywords and analyses all the top results and see the quality and relevancy of the content and if a site is ranking on top 5 results with low quality content then it’s the right time when you can outrank it by producing more quality content. Always try to focus on creating 2000+ words articles with highly competitive keywords.

IMPORTANT METRICS – if you are getting some top ranking websites for few keywords with average content quality then stop wondering this is happening because they have a great DA (domain authority) .you also need to improve your DA AND PA metrics to improve the chances of ranking higher on google.

You can use quick tip on your browser which helps you to easily find out the important metrics of any website by showing DA, PA, links metrics etc. this is how it will help you to find the way to get top ranking with valuable content as well .

For better analysis of your competitor for your affiliate marketing website success get success to SEMrush one of the top SEO tool for doing competitor analysis ,also do google search  tap the social networks because it will give you the idea about your competitors . You can also go to attend the seminars and events to increase your knowledge.

Find out the pages who are in top ranking and generating more traffic ,backlinks and more important sales  with the help of tool such as SEMrush and manually analyzing their site to see which product they are promoting so you can get an idea that is profitable for you or not .

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