Event Tracking Analysis In Facebook Analytics

What Are Facebook Event Source Groups?

The event is an action taken by the audience on a product. The event can be of liking a post or sharing or installing the application or it can be anything. Event source is the place from where Facebook analytics get the information. And event source group is the compilation of all the event sources.

With the event source it would be possible to set the tracking of different channels through Facebook. This enables to know how the users are interacting with the ad. It will help in making the required decision which is very crucial for improving advertisement related strategies.

Now the question arises that from where the events will be gathered by Facebook? These events are gathered through ad accounts, Instagram Messenger and many other options from where the information is collected to give the preview of the events. This information will be analysed properly and will use of enhancing ROI.

The difference between Google Analytics and Event source group is that it gives much more information than Google analytics . It provides all the information to measure the post or page interaction. For using Event Source Group, you need to install the Facebook Business Manager account.

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This article will guide the Event Source Group step by step.

Install event source group using Google Analytics

For setting event source group, click on Create Event Source Group. It will be shown on the top right corner of the Google Analytics page.

Then, a pop-up will appear which will ask for writing the name of the event source group. You can also add any page with this. You can add multiple pages such as ad account page or app or anything. When you have completed it then click on Create Group.

Now you have to create the various segments to find out the required data. There are various options available from where you can segment the data on the basis of your wish.

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Audience Segment Data

Segmentation is the separating of important data which the marketers would want to know about. It can be segmented on various behaviours such as age, gender, location and on many other attributes which can be segmented to know the event. Following some points are mentioned which will help in creating the different segments.

  • Click on Add a Segment and then select Create New Segment.
  • Afterwards, you need you need to choose the condition that on what basis you want to segment the information. It can be segmented on various options such as device, demographic information or so on.

It offers the various varieties to choose from and give the refined data which will not be given by the Google Analytics. Once you select the segmentation they it will show the updated information which you have selected. You can click on Save if you want to use the information later or click on Apply if you readily use the information.

If you want to see the information from other segment then you can click on Clear Segment.

Omnichannel Lead Attribution Analysis

It helps in differentiating the marketing channel that from where maximum traffic is coming. This will be more helpful when you have installed Facebook ads pixel then it will be more beneficial that it will give more options.

Generally which is mostly happen, people see your ad the thick about the product and then they search your product and then converted. Initially the process starts from paid marketing end to organic search. These results are sometime gets misinterpreted by Ad Manager Report.

These problems arise when the company uses multichannel marketing. Event source groups helps in understating the conversion more wisely. It reflects the correct information about which source is working well in converting the leads.

Customer Reviewing Behaviour

Marketing is widely used by marketers to successfully converting the leads. Event source groups help in setting the right budget for targeting the audience on search engine. If you are not sure that which marketing funnel will work better than event source group will help you to know regarding this.

You have to click on Overview section and then click on Cross Channel Acquisition module.

Identifying Retention Rate Of User

It helps in analysing the how much time user spent on the content of the website or the page. It tells how the content is working for the benefit of the business. Click on the Retention tab of the Facebook analytics where you can see the percentage of users that retained to spend their time on the content.

Even here you can segment the location of the user that you are interested to know about. It will get to know that of which location’s users are more interested in the business and how much it is working in converting the leads.

Percentile Tab

Here, you will get to know about other information which will help in creating future advertisement strategies. Here, if see that 56% of population are reading your Messenger chat then it would be bet use this technique in the future and improve the content to retain the customers. If the statistics is little lower such as 20% then it would not be feasible to use the strategy for longer time.

These statistics helps in coming on the certain conclusion which is for improving the conversion rate.

Wrapping Up

It is also just like other analytics but it gives wider information about the marketing strategies. It is not so difficult to understand the report. It is as easy as other report. So, use the Event Source group to take the concise decision for future and improve the performance.

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