Earnings With Affiliates -Can ClickBank Be a Good Option

How many of you are making handsome money with affiliate marketing. affiliate marketing is going crazy these days. I saw most of the bloggers using affiliates instead of Google Adsense and any other advertising program. Today I’m going to discuss one of the best affiliates programs called Clickbank. Here is a step by step process on how to find a good affiliate:


  1. If you don’t already have an account set up go to Clickbank.com and set one up.  It’s easy and its quick
  2. To select a product click on Marketplace.  It seems that many of the challengers are in the make online income niche, which is very competitive and even though Alvin makes good money in that niche, his suggestion is that it is much easier to make money promoting affiliates that are not in the  blogging for money business.  The competition is significantly less
  3. Clickbank is really good at giving statistical information on the affiliate program.  One of the statistics that Alvin likes to look at is the gravity.  Gravity tells you how popular a product is so the higher the number, the more popular or demand there is for it.  There are several factors that contribute to the popularity of an affiliate program:- collateral support such as banners, sales page and ongoing marketing  including but not restricted to emails.–  conversion
    –  commission
  4. After selecting a program, check out the sales page and any other promotional material the affiliate publisher is offering.
  5. Where do all the screenshots come from?
  6. Transaction records
  7. Be sure the product has testimonials
  8. Get your link, button or banner and test it.
  9. Try the buy button to see whether it works or not
  10. Check the bottom of the page to make sure that the affiliate link is the same as your Clickbank ID.  If its not then don’t promote this product.  Go through the process with another.

From the submissions it seems that many of us have our own challenge with affiliate marketing.  How many times have you been told to promote a big ticket item because the amount of time and effort spent is  the same as for a small ticket item but the financial rewards are much greater even if you sell far less.

That might work if you already have your affiliate marketing chops down pat.  You really need to build your affiliate marketing muscles before going for the big game.  Our suggestion is to challenge yourself with small weekly goals, something like “… I am going to earn US$200 this week selling product XYZ  at $20 each…” and then set your whole campaign up for the week.  See what results you get at the end of the week.  Make small adjustments to the campaign for week 2.

Track everything.  You may hit your $200 mark the first week, maybe not.  The thing is now you have a goal and a method and as you continue to improve your marketing skills, the sales will begin to come in.  This takes practice.  As you get better you can start marketing higher priced products.

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  1. Hi, regarding affiliate marketing – are there any ideas about improving sales on a varied site? I own a document sharing site and as such it is near impossible to match products to the visitor. Many thanks

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