Challenge -Internet Marketing Drive Traffic at Any How

This week’s Success challenge is to drive traffic to the post about this challenge on Success.  The task is to promote any which way: blog, email, Facebook, Twitter etc.


The purpose is to get good at online promotion by using all the tools we have on hand for a single purpose, i.e., take massive action. I  think that we all use these marketing tools but not necessarily as a cluster.  We are vaguely aware of the power of massive action but for some reason seldom use it to our advantage. here are  the rules:

1. Traffic hits to blog post is determined by unique visits
2. You may use Twitter, Blogs, Facebook or Email List for promotion
3. You will need to digg the blog post once!
4. RT the blog post once!
5. Reddit the blog post once!
6. Delicious the blog post once!
7. All promotion should point the blog post with your tracking link to track @

Notice the addition of points three through six.  I have Delicious and Reddit programmed on to  this site ( and many other social marketing sites), but actually going to the sites and doing the digging gives me a personal introduction to Digg.  As I was thinking about this, I have been keenly aware that although I know of Delicious and many other social bookmarking sites, I really don`t know what each one is set up to do, in other words, what its specialty is.

As I click away on the keyboard, this is good news and not so good news.  The not so good news is that I am late to the game – not the whole challenge, just this week’s.  The results are due in on Tuesday (and today is Tuesday)!  Nevertheless, better late than never.  It is the exercise I want to get into my system.  Action  develops memory smarts  like reps develop muscle strength.

The good news is that I am in the number 5 position for the challenge … albeit a distant number 5.

The main benefit of participating in this challenge however is the heavy lifting of actually doing the marketing.  It’s just like when I started this blog, I knew a lot about blogging and internet marketing but found that when I put shoulder to the grindstone, theory and action did not always run on parallel bars.  It really is blood, sweat and sometimes even tears, to get the wheel to grind.

To Promote and get success, I have picked up the following:

–           Going back to basics is empowering:   At the very least it reaffirms that which you already know, at best you pick up new gems that you may have missed first time around or were never aware of in the first place.

–          Escalated speed of progress.  Familiar territory covered quickly and with ease, unfamiliar ground quickly understood and enacted.

–          Identifying areas of weakness.    In my case I know that my social media smarts are in need of some serious smartening up.  Having gone through the exercise I now visit Twitter and Facebook with some regularity.  I don’t always post, just hang out and try to understand by osmosis.  I have to admit that I am beginning to understand Facebook better than Twitter, but am confident that the latter will eventually become just another marketing tool I use with ease.

–          Procrastination rules – aaarrrgghhh!!!  This is my big elephant in the room.  It shows up way too often in all that I do.  I mean, here I am, putting up this post the day before the results are due instead of the day the challenge began!

This makes me think of my previous habit of being chronically late for just about everything.  I decided to change that.  I did.  I did that by simply changing the goal from being on time to being early by 10 to 15 minutes.  That bought me time for unexpected delays.  I am still not perfect but am on time better than 90% of the time.

I will now work on my procrastination.  Instead of saying that I will complete the project on time I will change that to  I begin my projects in a timely fashion so as to complete them before they are due.

–         It’s fun to play … participating in challenges gets the adrenaline going and sharpens your smarts.

I hope that some of what I have experienced to date will be useful to you.

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