Disadvantages of Using Traffic Exchanges

Before We Continue Let’s See Some of The Advantages of Using Traffic Exchanges:

1) The main and utmost advantage of traffic exchanges is that it can give you more traffic without doing much work. The traffic exchange widgets can increase your traffic about 150 to 300% more traffic.

2) This traffic gained from traffic exchanges can do many things for you, Most importantly It can make your Google anlaytics and other analytics graph look much better and thus if you are selling advertising in your blog/website you may get more advertisers and higher prices.

3) You do not need to buy PPC click traffic or banner Advertising in any other sites to increase traffic. So traffic exchanges can help you save costs.

4) Traffic generated from Traffic exchanges can help a newbie blogger who does not have much readers to get some new readers.

Disadvantages of Traffic Exchanges:

Now lets see what are the disadvantages if you use a Traffic Exchange to drive traffic to your website:

1) If you are using a traffic exchange site which use credit system ( Sites where you gain credits for surfing other sites in the traffic exchange network and then the credits are used to display your site’s advert) you can become hooked on surfing and forget to devote time to the rest of your business.

2) The conversion rate of this traffic exchanges networks are very small, you need to do a lot of testings to get the best results.

3) Your bounce rate may increase to very high rates since people are interested only in the page that has been advertised, they do not care to visit the other part of the site. Sometimes the visitors remain for less than 10 seconds on the page which drastically affects bounce rates. Many traffic exchanges offer Auto Surf options with a timing of 10 to 60 seconds which can make your bounce rate climb Mount Everest.

4) Google has strict policy against using traffic exchanges in web pages which are using Adsense. Users who wish to use traffic exchanges should create separate pages for advertising in Traffic Exchanges.

The following are specifically some added disadvantages of using the Traffic Exchange Widgets that I had shared a few posts Back :

1. If you are on shared hosting then Sites like 2leep can send 150 + visitors at a moment, this will cause the server to crash and your hosting will suspend your account.

2) Adding More Widgets may increase your site load speed which may in turn lower your SERPs

3. Using MKTGID and 2Leep has its own disadvantage and advantage . 2leep wont give any clicks , but will return 500% extra traffic . MKTGID , will give you 1-2 click every 100 visitors , but the widget links are dofollow , so your Pagerank will be leaked to MKTGID. Also they sell ad spots in your widget which you may not know, but actually are adverts.


You should only use traffic exchanges if you are in dire need of traffic. If you have good enough organic traffic then we do not think there is any need of using traffic exchanges.

Even if you use Traffic exchanges, you should redirect the traffic to your squeeze pages, affiliate links or auto responders so that you can get most out of the traffic.

And about the link exchange widget, you already read what a user of the widgets wrote. Now, we leave the decision of using those widgets upon you

Chow for now! Got to work.

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