Boost Your Website Traffic Through Email Marketing

There are several ways to boost traffic to your website. Selection of keywords, optimization of keywords and search engine optimization through on-page and off-page methods are practiced by everyone who wants to promote a website.

Email marketing is one of the attractive ways to build traffic in a consistent way, yet it is not much used! Traffic created through email marketing will help you build prospects in the long-term.

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The first step in implementation of email marketing is the creation of subscribers list aka building your list. You can offer free subscription to your newsletter. You can also offer free resource like eBook or audio or video presentation (although offering a freebie is not always necessary). The visitor should be convinced that he or she is going to get valuable stuff by signing up for subscription. It will not be a secret for the visitor to figure out what kind of stuff you are going to offer.

Hence, what is present on your website i.e., the open stuff should be fresh and real meat to the visitor. As the visitors get firsthand experience from the articles presented on the website, they will opt for subscription if they are really impressed by your content, no matter with or without a freebie!

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If a visitor opts for a newsletter voluntarily, you have won the visitor. As you build list of subscribers in this process, you are half-way through the process of email marketing. You can send emails on a regular basis. In the beginning you can send newsletters once in a fortnight or once in a week.

The subject selected for your newsletter is very important (I very much hope that this goes without saying). It should be short and simple. You should avoid words which sound like forcing a sale. Font color, size of font and layout are also important.

You should minimize images that take long time to load in the browser. The body of the email should be as short as possible. Long mails will not create interest in readers and they may not read the content till the end. If you are having large number of subscribers that access through mobile, you should ensure that your emails are compatible with mobile browsers. Every email or newsletter that you send should add value to the user.

Engage your subscribers

The advantage with email marketing is that you can inform your users about the launch of new blog post or product or service. It is possible to engage users in discussions. It is possible to conduct surveys and get feedback from your users.

Constructive criticism, feedback and suggestions are very useful to shape your future articles. You will be able to satisfy majority of users. As you fulfill user’s requirements, users will not hesitate to forward their emails to their friends.

The impact through email marketing will be more than any other marketing. As you deal with the right set of people all the time, the response rate will be more. Users will have the option to unsubscribe from email list at any point of time (and that means you should be careful).

By creating email subscribers list and not purchasing readily available list in the market, you can keep away from being endorsed as a spammer. You need not spend money for email marketing as you do for Google Ad sense and other promotional activities. By pumping emails on a consistent basis and delivering value through each and every mail, you can draw more visitors to your site.

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And it is that simple. Don’t you agree?

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