Blogger or WordPress -Which Platform to Choose

According to the Experts like me (HA HA..) the 80% is the work that goes in at the beginning, the preparation, the blogger-vs-wordpressresearch. When all is done your chance of success goes up when you are ready to launch.

So let’s recap:
– niche topic: you’ve got one
– buyers/advertisers exist for this topic
– available affiliates
– keyword rich title picked for blog
– keyword domain availability checked
– decision made to purchase the keyword domain

Not quite!

Your next step is to decide whether you want to use Blogger or WordPress as your host. Things to consider:


What’s good about Blogger:

a) Easy to set up. Everything is done for you. You just open a Blogger account, register your blog, go through the tutorial, set up your specifications and you are ready to go. All this should take no more than two hours, I know some people who have done it in half an hour!
b) No need to know HTML (that’s a whole different internet language that webmasters are whiz bang kids at, but not you and certainly not me)
c) No need to worry whether you have a c-panel or an how to use FTP
d) No need to know when to upload and when to download — yes Virginia, there is a difference!!!
e) FREE! Unlimited number of blogs.

The downside of Blogger:

a) There is a limited selection of templates.
b) Tabulated pages are not an option
c) If you have a problem and need technical support, they expect you to rely on the forum for your answers – i.e., there does not appear to be a way to be able to connect with Google staff to help you with any technical problems you may be having.
d) Changes/additions you make sometimes don’t take. As an example if you look to the right hand side of this blog, you will notice that there are two gaps. Those gaps are supposed to be carrying Google ads, but for some reason I have not been successful in having them take.


What’s good about WordPress:

a) looks more like a website
b) functions more like a website
c) many more templates available
d) many more options
e) professional bloggers’ choice

Downside of WordPress:

a) Not as much of a point and click system.
b) Offers two programs – one much more like the blogger, the other (the one with many more options) requires at least a familiarity for HTML, FTP and a c-panel
c) Up to three blogs free (after that it’s a for fee usage)

Most of my blogs are on Blogger. The few that I have with WordPress were set up for me. My recommendation is that if you are new to Internet Marketing and to blogging, then you cannot go wrong with Blogger. I would go so far as to suggest that your first few blogs are with Blogger. Look at these as your “starter” businesses. As you begin to build your IM muscles, then go further a field.

If you are an experienced Internet Marketer and have some knowledge with HTML, FTP and c-panel, then I would recommend WordPress … you know, as Mark Burnett says: Jump In! Even if You Don’t Know How to Swim!

There are other places where you can have your blogs hosted, but the above two seem to be the industry standards.

ACTION: Open an account with either Blogger or WordPress. Don’t go live yet.  Take the time to go over the tutorials

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