Blog editing – The key to great content

The blog has evolved into an all-purpose, all-pervasive tool for site owners, corporations and the advertising industry. The modern blog is a real professional interest-based continuum of information. The demand is for very high quality content, aimed at specialist markets. In the technical fields, a blog on something like web application security must be in synch with the interest group. Readers are likely to be technically advanced, and baby talk and drivel are not options.

The nearest mainstream analogy to blog writing is magazine writing. This is a specialized field of writing, subject to tough editorial standards. It’s great for writers, because it raises the standard of writing. For technical writers, it’s an excellent medium, allowing them to fully use their talents in their own fields, and write for people in their areas of expertise.

The editorial standards are the basis of good, readable content. When editing your blog, you have a few useful structural elements you can always have as indicators:

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Good topic selection– Tuned to the readership, at the right level of expertise, with new information. This is critical for interest levels.

High value content– Brand new, informative, unique materials with a lot of substance will always get readers, in any environment. Those readers will also come back, because you’re providing the “unique selling point”. This type of material also gets the motivated readers, not the skimmers.

Factual and accurate information– All readers will react to information which doesn’t stand scrutiny. Never allow a single incorrect word to get on to your blog. Always try to avoid ambiguous content. In professional fields, tolerance is less than zero for these types of material.

Use top quality blog software– Some types of blog software, including some of the big names, are horrendous. Get a stable blogging platform which doesn’t create more problems than it solves.

Remember: Nobody has to read anything online. You’re competing with the world for attention, particularly your own sector. Make it worth reading.

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Blog editing

These are the fundamental practices for editing a blog:

Destroy/exterminate/obliterate all typos- Nothing irritates people more.

Be your own most vicious critic– Eliminate redundant expressions, verbosity, hype, repetitive content, and logical non sequiteurs or contradictory statements. Set a standard and stick to it, and all other critics will be a stroll through kindergarten.

Quality control– Ask yourself “Is this content something I want to have my name associated with?” At the personal reputation level, you’ll want an accurate answer. Do not associate your name with anything substandard.

Whether the topic is penetration testing, baby showers, or obscure points about archaeology, all blogs survive on editorial content quality.

No content = no blog.

For pro writers, one important additional point must be made:

If you want great CV portfolio materials, a good blog is worth massive effort. The blog can be your showcase, your piece de resistance, even if you have a library full of other work. This type of writing, done properly, really can show your skills. In practice, your content is who you are. Take advantage of the opportunities.

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