Article Marketing vs Guest Posting Panda Facts

When the discussion comes to fulfilling your On-page SEO needs, and link building efforts, there is nothing in SEO, which is as perfect as creating a high quality content marketing plan. Many of us might say that content marking or article marketing is an outdated process of generating links, but as per my research, spreading trustworthy content automatically helps in getting tons of in-links.

It is all about a perfect leadership, and managing the process at a specific point. Why to just plan to build links when you have the power to build an army?

So the main topic here is which one is better article marketing or guest posting? Let’s discuss in detail.

I’d explain you in detail. I’ve worked on couple of keywords to help my client Rank and I’ve used both Article Marketing and Guest Posting Techniques. Let me go with in-depth analysis.

I’ve worked for Cordell Estimator V4 which is one of the best estimation software for construction projects. My goal is to drive some quality traffic for that site and so, it reflects the fact that we must rank on first page of Search Engines.

I’ve started building some initial links via commenting system regularly, and checked the rankings. Well, I was shocked as website haven’t gained any power, it climbed 2 points up after 7 day work.

Then, I’ve decided to choose Article Marketing strategy, well please note that I don’t use any sort of black-hat techniques. I have a list of 150+ Page Rank 1+ instant approval directories. I’ve posted in all of them and waited for a week again. Now the result was little depressive. The website dropped in SERPs from Page 3 to Page 7. Well, I haven’t give-up. I’ve decided to get some authority links from Ezine, Squidoo, Hub-pages, Goarticles, Sooperarticles. I’ve managed to pull some quality links from these sites. In just 3 days after getting links, the SERPs was quite surprising and the site jumped to Page 1, but haven’t stayed there for long time as it dropped to page 2 in a couple of days.

Then, I’ve decided to choose, Guest Posting and Web 2.0 posting. I’ve posted few guest posts on around 10 Page Rank 0+ sites including a couple of Page Rank4 sites. The rankings kept improving and now the site ranked on First Page. In order to stay safe, I’ve managed to promote the site on few Social Bookmarking sites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Delicious.

Nextly, I’ve applied the same strategy for my Authority Domain which is 4 years old, but the results are quite surprising as the blog ranked really well just after commenting task. Ive written an article on How to create ringtones for iPhone and tried to rank. There are many top cometitors for me like Mashable, TechCrunch and few other authority domains and iPhone based blogs. I thought is would be a tough game for me to rank for my keyword How to create ringtones for iPhone. I ranked over all these websites with just a couple of High Page Rank Do-Follow links which Ive received with my sercret white hat SEO technique. So, your ranking aspects also depends on your domain age or authority as my How to create ringtones for iPhone is the best example. It proved that Article Marketing is not dead, but Guest Posting carries much value that any other links in the webworld.

So, it reflects the fact that, the logic is simple. Now the quality of link matters, but not the quantity. If you are having a blog or website, and it happens to be one of the popular sites that get fair amount of traffic, then you can always create a buzz over the web by posting a powerful topic.

I have to immediately kick out bulk article marketing from the equation; here is the reason.

Most of the readers in the World Wide Web always give importance to fresh and unique content. If the readers know that you are the one with whom the users can expect fresh content on regular basis in the form of guest post, there are 90 percent chances of sharing the content over FB, Twitter, and other social media sites.

When the discussion comes to selecting the best option guest posting or article marketing, here are the contrasting features:

  • Both guest posting and article marketing need unique content to be written, and both the articles are posted in someone else’s website.
  • By performing both guest posting and article marketing, you can generate tons of back-links.
  • Article Marketing takes less time to generate traffic as well as ranking.
  • But, the impact of guest post depends upon the traffic trends; doing one guest post in one of the reputed sites can generate enormous amount of traffic within a short span of time.
  • Article marketing has been dogged with spam since the day it started. The main reason is usage of some of the automated software to submit the article to various article marketing sites.
  • Guest posts almost always incite the writer and reader communication, which helps the writer or guest poster to increase the credibility.
  • 99 percent of the blogs, who prefer their visitors to write guest posts, mostly accept 100 percent original content, which indirectly increases the traffic as the posted article is 100 percent genuine.

Considering my personal experience, I’d vote for Guest Posting ahead of Article Marketing. Because, Google is keen not to encourage any sort of black-hat methods. After Panda rolled out, most of Internet Marketers have accepted the fact that Article Marketing which was at its pinnacle point was almost killed with the latest Algorithmic changes. I don’t want to say that Article Marketing is dead, but the impact was definitely reduced. Google is currently considering Quality of links over quantity.

So, go ahead and try out article marketing as well as guest posting, and let us know what worked better for you, in form of your valuable comments.

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