All in One Webmaster – Add Webmasters & Analytics Codes Easily To Your WordPress Blog

Most of us Webmasters probably know about the Google Webmasters tool. You may also know that Yahoo and Bing also have their own variants of Webmasters tool known as Yahoo SiteExplorer and Bing Webmaster Central. These tools help us to know about the number of pages of our sites indexed in these search engines, how many backlinks we have, what are our keywords and many other statistics about our sites.

Similarly, all of us know about Analytics tools. Analytics tools help us to know about the visitors, pageviews, loyalty, conversions and many other different statistics about our site’s visitors. The most popular Analytics tools are Google, Alexa, Compete, Quantcast and GetClicky.

The above mentioned tools are very important if we want to measure how our site is faring in terms of Search Engine Rankings and Traffic. But for using the above services to monitor our blog statistics, we need to add verification codes to our blog’s files so that they can verify our sites’ ownership. While many top WordPress Themes Like Thesis, come with options for adding these kinds of codes. Adding them to WordPress Blogs using themes which do not have inbuilt options for these services becomes a very tedious task

This task can be very difficult for many people who do not know HTML/CSS and also there is another disadvantage. The other disadvantage of adding Javascripts code in our site is that it increases the page’s load and thus decreases website’s loading speed.

During this kind of situation, the All in One Webmaster plugin comes into the picture.

How is it different from Other Plugins?

There were many plugins to add each of this code individually to our blog but I do not think installing 10 plugins for each of these ten services would be an intelligent idea. You should know that plugins also increases site load. But to our bad luck, there was no plugin that could help us install all these codes at once.

But Lucky us, a fellow blogger Arpit Shah has come up with a plugin that does this job and more. Named as All in One Webmaster (quite resembles All In One SEO in name), this is one gem of a plugin
Features of All In One Webmaster

This plugin allows you to add Google, Bing, Alexa, Blog Catalog codes as well as Google Analytics, Quantcast, Clicky and analytics code to your blog in a single click.

The plugin also offers some other unique features like:

Sitemap Submission Option to Google, Bing, Yahoo and
Manual HTML Header / Footer section added
Now no need to install more plugins. You can just copy the code of any services in a textarea. No more things to do.
Updates the Asynchronous Tracking snippet to the latest version provided by Google
Warning/Success/Failure messages




My final verdict for this plugin would be 9/10 since this plugin makes adding Analytics and Webmaster codes to a WordPress Blog as pie. No messing around with code, no increase in load time. This one is the plugin to go with. The plugin does preserve the pride of the “All in One” legacy that it uses in its name. One of those must install plugin for your WordPress site.

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