A Few Tips for Getting “Likes” on Your Social Media Site

Social media isn’t just an option anymore, it’s critical to any businesses marketing and PR strategy. So what should you do if you’re Facebook page isn’t getting enough attention? When someone likes your post, it will show up on their friends’ news feed, thereby bringing traffic to your Facebook page and, ultimately, your website. Here are a few ways that you can get those “likes” on your posts:

 –  Post Relevant Content

Plain and simple: post things that your fans will love. It doesn’t have to necessarily relate to your business or website it can be something that your target consumer will enjoy.

 –  Mix it Up

You don’t always have to post written blurbs. Post videos, photos, or link a post to a new blog post that you just wrote up. For example, if you have a retail company and you’re dealing with horrible inventory management backlog, you could take a picture of the messy factory to give your followers an inside glance into your world. A variety of content will keep your followers interested.

 –  Question Tactic

Try ending your post with a question. This will give people the opportunity to respond or debate. This also allows your fans to feel involved, like they’re contributing something to your brand (even if they’re only contributing an opinion).

 –  Use Contests

Get the readers involved by doing a photo contest (since photo is the reigning medium of choice on Facebook). Ask them to submit a photo and then pick the best or most appropriate one. While contests are great, only do them in moderation.

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