A Complete Guide To Google Adwords Quality Score

The Google is filled up with the questions regarding AdWords quality score. Everyone is finding answers to increase their Ad’s quality score. Quality score is the biggest deciding factor in the ranking of an ad on the search engine. So, the goal of the marketers is to acquire the quality score as it enables an organisation to grab the top position in the search engine ranking.


AdWords Quality Score is a score given by the Google according to the relevancy of the keyword and the ad text. It describes that how much the ad is relevant to query made by a user on the search engine. It includes some factors which are highly determinant factors in deciding the bid rate and ranking & are following…

  • Quality and relevancy of the landing page according to the ad.
  • Historical ad relevance.
  • Expected Click Through rate.
  • Historical Quality Score.

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Importance Of The Quality Score

Now, the question arises why everybody is running to improve their quality score. What they will get for this. Actually, this is the important thing to get highlighted on the SERP. It also increases the Click through Rate. No matter how much you bid on the keyword. Quality score is the main factor in getting higher rankings. Your ad can look on the top if your quality score is good. Google gives importance to the high quality scores. Their aim is to give the best service to the searchers for their query.

It means that if you’re bidding lower on a competitive keyword and you have good quality score then the chances are more that your ad will appear on the top. This is the biggest advantage which increase the importance of the quality score.

How To Check The Quality Score

We are talking only about quality score but doesn’t where it shows. Here, you would get to know where Google shows the quality score so that you can check it & can make efforts to improve it. You have to follow the given points and can check the quality score.

  • Go to Campaigns of the Google ads.
  • Click on the Keyword tab
  • You can see the white bubble under the status column, click on that. Here, you would get to know about the quality score. If it’s too low, then you can optimise your ad campaign and can improve its score. If the quality score is good, then enjoy and wait for the exciting results.

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Quality Score Columns

For more clarity, you can also create a quality score column. It’ll give you a better idea & preview of your ad. Quality score columns are very important for the companies running multiple Ad campaigns to get the complete idea of the past performance as well as present performance of their ad campaigns.

The following steps will help you in creating the separate column for the quality score.

  • Go to ad campaign
  • Click on the keyword tab.
  • Then, click on the Column option and there you will get to see the option of Modify column, click on it.
  • This will give you the liberty to create the spate column of quality score.
  • Now, this is on up to you that which metric you want to put in the column to get the clear preview of the quality score. You have the option to add the expected CPC, landing page experience, ad relevance or any other factor.
  • And apply the changes you want to make.

One Per Rule

Now, you are wondering about what is that. Take a second and read this thoroughly. This will help you to improve the quality score.

In this rule, determine only one best keyword for your ad group and add only one keyword to your ad group. I am sure it sounds very weird. But rely on me, this is the best technique to get the high quality keyword. This will make the Google to know that your ad is pertaining to the one keyword. Your ad will bound to single keyword tightly that the Google will locate your ad on the top.

The following steps will help you to perform one per rule strategy very well.

Requires Proper Research

First of all, select the campaign on which you want to apply the one per rule strategy. After that you need to select the best performing keyword which is high in competition in particular niche. Go through the various metrics such as expected CPC, cost per conversion and many more.

Create The Ad Group

Here, you have to tie the one keyword to the single ad group. If you have the 4 keywords, then make the different 4 ad group pertaining to each keyword.

Create The Ad Text

In this step, you have to increase the relevancy of the keyword by putting it in the ad text. Make sure that you are using the keyword multiple times in the ad text and in the landing page. It means that you are making the net for the keyword and try to optimise the quality score efficiently.

This is the great method to increase the working efficiency of the keyword and to improve the quality score. This will target the high position on the search engine with the lower CPC.

In the end I just want to say that the reasons of high quality score is that you are serving the best ad to the end customers and this also improves the conversion rate. All the efforts which are making are not for the quality score but to improve the working capability of the ad. So, optimise the ad in the context of the consumers.

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