A Beginner’s Guide To Use Linked For The Very First Time

LinkedIn uses are increasing day by day at a high rate. It’s around 500 million users are on LinkedIn now and they’re using it effectively to accomplish their targeted goals. It’s a different platform which becomes an attraction point for users to achieve their goals. It’s generally used for employment & business purposes. Users are searching for jobs, connecting with others with the same niche & entrepreneurs & business owners using it to increase their brand value to get maximum exposure. It’s not only for uploading funky pictures or videos and sees the number of liking you get. It’s a kind of professional platform which is used widely for seeking jobs & for businesses to improve the sale of their product or service.

This guide is loaded with most popular and successful tactics which will work in the same direction of the objective of the business. These all are explained below –

Profile Optimisation

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It is the foremost step in the highlighting the key features of the profile. You can optimise the profile by putting the key features of the job or the business as they will show the first when they go to the profile. It also helps in searching from the targeted keyword and enhances the visibility.

You can enhance the value of the profile by adding the contact detail so that it would be very easy for the prospective customer to contact with you. Or you can add some other call to action statement so that you can see the positive response to your side.

You can add the most important keyword which describes you. Put yourself on the searcher position and think what keyword they will use to search you. This is the best tactics to enhance the visibility on the LinkedIn.

Increase The Network

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Networking is the key for the success. If you have the quality networks then no one can stop you from conquering the field. Following some tactics are given which will help in networking and create the good relation with the customers-

  1. First of all, connect with the friends and the colleagues to make the good rapport. Customers would like to engage with the profile only if they see the mutual connection between them. LinkedIn also helps in connecting the people who are in the contact list. With the one click you can connect with your contacts.
  2. LinkedIn specially formulated a tool which is called sales navigator. It will help in the digital marketing. It consists of the advance filters which can help in targeting the real customers for the product. This will also give the feature of giving the insights of the profile. This will give the numbers of how many people visited to the profile and such more. You have the option of sending in-mails to the prospective customers to induce sales.

Engage With The Customers

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Create the huge network is the last step. To make the digital marketing successful, you need to engage with the customers effectively only then you can cultivate sales otherwise not. I have mentioned some tips which can help in engaging with the customers in the better way.

  1. There are many group are available on the LinkedIn which you can join according to your niche. You can select your niche and on the basis of it you can join it. There you can share the post which is relevant to the prospects and can increase the sales. These groups will help you to understand the customers need and stay on the top of the trends. These will let the business to share their thoughts toward the products so that customers could connect with them and induce to make the final purchase with the business. This will enhance the image of the business in front of the customers and they can enjoy the customer trust.
  2. This is the method to increase the engagement rate. Customers love to follow the business which is kept on the toes with the time change. The customer would like to stay connected to the business which can give the facility to give the relevant data to read so that they can build the relationship. It helps in making the customer engaged with the business. You can take the help of videos or the slideshare or the eBooks to make the customer informed and entertained to increase the engagement rate. Make sure that the visibility of the post is on the public side otherwise the whole process would get fail.
  3. LinkedIn Pulse is another way to offer the long form content to the audience. It helps in publishing it easily on the LinkedIn. It helps in increasing the engagement rate of the business.

What To Do Now?

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After all this, now it’s the time to do the analysis of the LinkedIn result. It is the most important step. It would enable to know that the strategies which are deployed on the LinkedIn platform are worked according to the presumption or not. It make able to know that the techniques are relevant for the business and number of audience would get induce with the business. So, without this no marketing would get completed.

You can take the help of Social Selling Index. It is the LinkedIn’s tool which helps in giving the metrics which are essential to be known by the marketer. It helps in giving the knowledge that how many visitor come on the profile and how time they spent and many other metrics you would get to know.

LinkedIn is in the trend as if now ad marketers are extracting the maximum benefit from it. So, target LinkedIn audience and increase the ROI of the business.

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