8 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2017

We often think that mistakes are easily correctable, only to find out later how difficult it is to undo them. You might be one of the frustrated website owners who despite working hard in your SEO campaign, find your site traffic still suffers and your ranking doesn’t go any further up in the search engines. You might have unwittingly committed one of these SEO mistakes; check out to see if you are practicing any of these mistakes below. You mas also like to read 5 Wrong SEO Tactics.

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Targeting the wrong keywords

Keyword is the foundation of any SEO. Wrong keywords affect your whole SEO campaign but the right one will increase your ranking in search engines and get you the traffic you want. Targeting the right keywords is vital – it can make or break your SEO campaign. The problem is we tend to always pick keywords which we think search engines will like. Well, actually it would be better to think in the users shoes, use keywords that they will use in search engines. Different people have different perceptions of same things and they name things differently. We also tend to choose short-tail keywords or those that are too competitive, for example “web hosting”.

Ignoring the title tag

Another mistake to avoid in SEO is the ignorance of the title tags. Not paying attention to the title tags is a huge but common mistake. How do people ignore the title tag, you may ask? Some people do not create tags at all but the others over-stuff the field with loads of keywords. Wrong title tag will not get your page ranked and your website will potentially get banned for squeezing excessive keywords in the tag. So how do you fix this problem? Use appropriate keywords inside the title tag. The right content and relevant keywords or keyword phrases will establish relevance with search engines. Avoid keyword stuffing. This way, your SEO campaign will work better than before. You may also like to read that why Title tags are important?

Too much Flash

If you have a Flash homepage, that’s bad news for your SEO! Another SEO mistake to avoid is having too much Flash on your website. In SEO business, a competitor who has a Flash-driven website is not a threat because these websites do not rank well on Google. Search engines are blind to flash because the embedded text within the Flash object is virtually invisible to them. Crawlers and spiders cannot read Flash contents, therefore they will not be able to index it. Flash may be beautiful and appealing to visitors but they are certainly not recommended if your objective is to garner organic traffic.

Using JavaScript menus

If you use JavaScript navigation menus, the complexity of the JavaScript can actually stop search engine spiders from reading your web pages. Like the other mistakes mentioned previously, this may interrupt your SEO strategy and reduce the chances of your website getting high traffic and ranking among the top search results.

This is because search engine spiders cannot crawl through JavaScript menus. They are not designed to read and understand JavaScript code. For search engine friendly websites, plain text menus are always recommended rather than JavaScript menus. Using JavaScript for navigation is actually not bad. Just don’t use it as the sole method of navigation if you are working on SEO. If it is unavoidable, try to keep the use of JavaScript to a minimum.

Using images for titles, headings and content

That’s a chic website you have there, by using images for titles, headings and maybe even the content. But wait, if you are hoping to get a lot of hits with that fanciful image for a title or header, then you should know that using images for titles, headings and the content is a no-no.

Keywords placed in headings and titles are given special consideration by search engine crawlers but unfortunately, the crawlers cannot read images! This means when you replace headings, titles and even text within the body with images, you are actually dragging your SEO efforts one step backward! However, there is one way for search engines to recognize images on website. It is easy but always neglected or forgotten by SEO players: name image filenames with a good keyword and add “alt tags” to each of them. You may also like to read out Content Marketing Tips .

Failure to update content

Check the date of your last entry on your website. Do you think once you optimize a website, that’s it and you can wash your hands off the site? Another mistake to ruin your SEO work and website is the failure to maintain fresh content.

Search engines like current and updated information and do remember that SEO campaign is an ongoing process. If you yearn for the best results, there is no other way except to remain active on the blog by posting new contents regularly. Maintain an ongoing SEO strategy by optimizing your site and keeping good eyes on the competition. These ensure that your site is indexed regularly and rankings are maintained. You may also like Ten Secrets to Find Valuable content for Your Website.

Ugly non-optimized URLs

Let’s take a look at the URLs on your website. Does your URL include a question mark and a lot of apmersands? – this is an ugly URL. This is another SEO mistake that all too often, people overlook. URLs are important. URLs are place for extra keywords and a good one helps your website ranks better in search engines. Special characters such as characters used in hexadecimal coding are bad for SEO campaigns because search engines cannot process the characters properly. Search engines are only prone to URLs containing keywords. The importance does not only lie on descriptive URLs but on the slug as well. Create friendly URLs and make sure the URL describes your site and the slug represents your content. see our tips on Domain Name Selection and Preparation.

Links to low quality website

Backlinks help in SEO campaigns. Websites need links and link building is an important aspect in SEO campaign. But you have to be careful too. Linking to low quality websites is another SEO mistake that you might not be aware of. Many people assume that more backlinks are always better. They resort to link farms, forums and newsgroup etc. Do you know that the practice could lead to getting your website penalized? What do you actually need are quality backlinks.

It is the links from authoritative and quality websites which are important. Google uses a special algorithm to rate backlinks for quality. Non-relevant backlinks are ignored because they are not desirable.

It is really pointless if you were to run SEO campaigns without having some know-hows of the way search engine works. Bombarding your blog with keywords, hoping that the density of the keywords will pull visitors in is the act of a lazy blogger. Therefore, with the 8 most common SEO mistakes listed above, there is no reason for you to plead ignorance in continue running ineffective SEO campaigns. Also see What not to do while building Links

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