8 Evil Ways To Make Money Online

Money Making can be very hard online if you are a newbie. There are numerous ways of making money online but we need to first get adepted with the techniques of making it. The methods can be good as well as evil. While I have been sharing and will be sharing the good ways of making money online from time to time in this blog, today for a change let me discuss some evilish, devilish way of making money online. Before I list down the methods I want to tell you that I am only discussing the methods for your knowledge. This post is only a brief review of how people have been making money online using evil methods. I do not recommend/condone using any of the below mentioned methods. I do not take any responsibility in any damage that you may cause or you may be caused by using the mentioned methods.

1. Making Auto Blogs or Scraper Sites:

A scraper site is a site which pulls content from other sites and an autoblog is somewhat the same thing, it pulls data from the RSS feeds of blogs. You can make a site scraper/ autoblog from the many scripts available in the internet like AutoBlogged and WPRobot. You should narrow down to a particular niche by checking the keywords in any Keyword Tool. You can get a good amount of traffic using this kind of site so then you can monetize it with Adsense and other advertising networks. The bad part is that you hardly get any backlinks to your site from other sites since your content is not original so either you may need to do a lot of link building or maybe open a network of such sites and link them to each other.

2) A Blog wholly for Pay-Per -Post (Review Posts) and Text Links Selling

Another evil way of making money easy is by making a blog wholly for Pay Per Posts or For selling links. You could start up the blog by using free articles that you get in all those article directories and excerpts of news and other articles (obviously with link back). Then in a few months after google has indexed your blog and you have started getting a good amount of traffic you could start accepting review posts and sell text links and promoting affiliate products.
3) Open Up a Proxy Site:

Well, we all know that even though we blabber about Internet being free, some way or the other we get blocked from using many of our favorite sites. Most of the times the administration of the schools, colleges and offices decide to block off social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or web based email and chat clients like Gmail and Yahoomail because they think that this may affect the productivity of the workers or the studies of the student. But well, life isn’t always “All Work and no play” so many people like us try to access these sites through the help of proxies. Thus proxies is quite a thriving business online. The need of proxies never ends. You could create a proxy site using any of the available script out there in the Internet. A popular proxy script is CGI Proxy, it is great because it allows people to use sites that require a log in. You could use it and make a proxy site and then monetize it, probably a big 764X80 sized adsense in the header which will show when people are browsing.

4) Forex Giveaway Method With Forex Affiliate Programs

Forex has always been quite a high paying niche since all the hype surrounding it, the things like “You will earn 1000$ per day doing nothin” “your bot will do everything for you” etc etc. You can earn a got amount of money by promoting Forex Affiliate programs. The first step will be that you will need to create a simple membership site with a nice layout. You can easily do that using WordPress and some free membership plugin. Your site is basically giving Free Membership to gain access to Paid Premium Forex Products. You can then go to Clickbank and search down Forex products which are hot in the market and then list them in your website. Then, create a fake registration page on your website, and set it to redirect to your special monetization page. You will need to target this site to people who do not know that these Forex stuffs can be gotten for free through rapidshare etc. i.e. Third World countries since most of the people in the West already know people how to download pad stuffs for free (through rapidshare, mediafire etc).

5) Making Money By Giving Away Freebies

You would wonder how one can make money by giving away freebies but yes you can. You can collect all those freely available things in the internet and upload it in your website and then you can use CPA (Cost per Action) advertisements on your website. You can there share the links in other websites and forums. Many people who do not know know that about CPA adverts will complete those offers to download the content and then you can earn a good amount of money. There are a lot of CPA advertising networks out there which you can join and promote. The other thing you can do is that you can upload the files to file sharing which pay and then only paste the links in your website and now to even get those links the visitor will have to complete CPA ads and you will also be earning from the file sharing site.

6) Earning Money By Uploading Warez

I am sure you know that warez i.e. nulled scripts, ripped videos, music etc are of great demand in the internet. You must also be knowing that there is an array of warez sharing sites in the Internet. The thing that you may have not known is that many people make thousands of dollars just by uploading and sharing warez. The thing is that many of the file sharing sites pays for every download. So what you can do is that you can first download some warez which are of great demand but are very rarely available in the Internet and then upload them to this file sharing sites. The next step would be to join a lot of warez forums and post these links in each of these forums. Thus, you can earn a good amount of money from these downloads.

7) Open Up a Private Torrent Site and A Torrent Tracker

While this method can be highly risky, you know that right. You could make up a torrent site and ask donations to maintain the server and provide users who donate more upload space. Also you could heavily monetize your site with the help of advertising networks like Google etc. Well this method is too risky and if you use it you should try to save as much as you can to confront any legal situation that may arise.

8 ) Advertising Networks Arbitage

Arbitage is method by which you buy something for a particular value with an intention of selling it for higher values. In this method, you buy traffic from a advertising network like Google Adwords and direct those traffic to a landing page which has advertising of another network for example of Clicksor,Yahoo etc. The main point is to create a site with very less actual content but to place and format the advertising as that it appears as if it was the real content. Then your visitors will click on the adverts thinking it is real content. You should test different keywords and ad networks. A good amount to be earned and clearly evil.

We clearly state is again, the above mentioned methods are just for informative purpose. We do not recommend using any of the above methods. If you land in any trouble or cause any damage using these methods, We do not take responsibility of anything.

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