6 Tips to Increase Blog Readership

According to a survey conducted by Netcraft, there are approximately 855 millions websites on the Internet as of December 2015. This means that in order to become a high ranking site, your blog is required to beat million other websites in the process!

The good news though is that while it is a lot of work, it is not exactly impossible to expand the popularity of your blog. Read on as we expound on six fail-safe ways to increase the number of blog readers on your site.

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Be Readable

The nice thing about blogging on the Internet is that you don’t have to be exceptionally verbose, good-looking or scandalous to gain readership. Something that all popular blogs do have in common though is the fact that their website layouts tend to be clean and easy on the eyes. The fonts used are also easy to skim through and it is well equipped with images and/or videos to make the reading much more enjoyable.

Reading a blog shouldn’t involve any hard work, which is why you should also concentrate on using politically correct terms and grammar. Check your spelling and your facts as well, as nobody really wants to revisit a site with a bad reputation of churning out wrong information.

Be SEO-Friendly

Why bother trying to reach out to over other readers when you can get them to come to you instead? The first thing you need to do is SEO optimize all your posts and articles. This way, potential readers who key in certain keywords (Read: How to Determine Keywords) will be able to come across your site via search engines like Google and Yahoo!, which saves you the effort of advertising.

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Just like in real life, a random comment from a celebrity, politician or business person might be all it takes to pull your site out from the land of obscurity. To increase your chances of being noticed, find like-minded website owners and nurture a positive relationship with them. This way, you can then exchange blogrolls, guest blog on each other’s site and even share readers.

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Be Interactive

Statistically, people are more inclined to return to a site if they have an interest in the blog creator so polish up on your PR skills and connect with your readers! To do this, actively reply comments left on your blog, answer e-mails and consider starting up an interactive chat box or Twitter account specifically for your fans.

The best thing about this is that your readers will be able to provide you with live feedback on your blog entries, which can then help you write and create even better entries in the future. Blog readers are also useful in the sense that they can help your entries become viral overnight, provided that you have something pertinent to convey, of course. An RSS feed is also a useful installation on your blog site as it notifies your readers whenever you update your site.

Join the Community

If you don’t happen to own any loyal readers of your own, create some! Spend an hour or two stalking other similar blogs by leaving comments on the pages and make an effort to get to know owners of popular blogs to help you climb ranks faster.

The nice thing about the Internet is that there already exists an online community for everything, regardless of whether your interests lie in gardening, lip gloss or Justin Bieber. Sign up and participate in both online and offline forums to further spread awareness about who you are and what your blog is about.

Be Humane

The difference between content on a standard website and content on a blog is that the latter is usually meant to be written in a leisurely, personal format. Hence, swap your formal writing skills for a writing voice that is honest, compassionate and yet still authoritative on the subject matter. A sense of humour is often preferred, as well.

The last thing you want after all is to upload an offensive blog post which will only cost you loss of readers or worse yet, a bad reputation.

In a Nutshell

All successful bloggers will tell you that the key to owning a successful blog is to simply keep blogging. Over time, your writing and instinct for the right blogging topics will soon enable you to become a proud owner of a decent blog. Do note though that one should always maintain humility in the blogosphere as blog readers are sensitive enough to stop reading once they feel that your blog has lost its original purpose or voice.

Well, thanks for the day and We hope you like to join our Blogging Course as we can help you to make your career in Digital Marketing and blogging.

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