5 Types of Damages That Downtime Does To Your Blog

As a blogger you work hard and give your best to maintain, grow (by adding fresh unique content on a regular basis) and promote your blog and in return you hope to receive good traffic and good revenue. But picture this. What if the server on which your blog is currently hosted goes down for even one hour?

This is a very real possibility and if you have been blogging for quite some time now then chances are high that you might already have experienced this. And when this happens, a blogger loses many visitors who are trying to access the blog during this downtime; and to make matters even worse many of these visitors are probably first-time visitors to your blog, referred by different search engines. As the old adage goes – “first impression is the lasting impression” and who would want to remember a blog that was down during first visit?

And if your website down time is longer the loss is even higher. There are mainly 5 types of loss that a blogger has to face during a blog downtime:

Loss of productivity: A blogger cannot publish any new fresh content during the downtime. Also, since the blog is down for all current visitors a blogger loses all the valuable reader feedbacks and inputs in terms of comments.

Loss of visitors: As mentioned above a blog downtime results in loss of all kinds of visitors and if they are your first-time search engine referred visitors then chance is very high that they are probably not returning back to your blog in future.

Loss of data: If the downtime is for a longer duration a blogger may lose data. And if the downtime coincides with your blog’s scheduled backup time then you could be in big trouble! Because once the downtime is over and if you are trying to restore some lost data then you will be forced to revert from an older backup file which may not have all of your recently published content, user comments and whatnot.

Liabilities: Imagine you had a deal with a new advertiser and you were supposed to start an advertisement campaign at a particular time when your advertiser’s new product got launched. And imagine your blog went down 30 minutes right before the scheduled time of campaign launch. As an advertiser would you want to do business again with such a partner (blogger) who can’t deliver what s/he promised?

Loss of revenue: And finally blog downtime brings heavy loss of revenue along with it. And the equation is unfortunately pretty simple here. Blog downtime = Loss of visitors = Loss of traffic = Loss of ad revenues.

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