5 Simple Tips to Secure your Facebook Profile

As we have been seeing in the recent turn of events about some anonymous group threatening to hack into Facebook which has been pretty successful thanks to all the spam that goes viral over this very social network.

Well, your Facebook profile might be the only personal identity that you have online and getting it hacked can be a nightmare for one and all. As a matter of fact, many small businesses rely on Facebook for most of their traffic and thus creating leads. Hence, it becomes of utmost importance to make sure you keep your Facebook profile secured in every possible manner.

So here are 5 simple tips that you can use to secure your Facebook profile.


Enable Secure HTTPS Connection for your profile

As we all know the general HTTP protocol used for browsing has become pretty outdated and for secure browsing the use of HTTPS is recommended. With HTTPS you are less vulnerable to exploits and brute attacks. With the help of HTTPS Facebook is able to secure its servers and the data transfer becomes completely encrypted.

Use a Strong Authentic Password

I hope you aren’t using “password” as your password, lol. Well, even though it is pretty obvious to use a strong password for their online profiles yet a lot of people neglect it, which makes them vulnerable to account hacks.

To create a strong authentic password, you need to create a password that includes alphabets both in small and capital letters, a few numbers and a couple of special characters. This will make breaking into your password as difficult as it can.

Enable Account Alerts and notifications

Make sure that you enable all alerts and notifications, which are related to your profile access. Thus, even if your Facebook profile has already been hacked, you will instantly get a notification as soon as your Facebook profile is accessed by a third party and you would actually have some time to make your move.

Enable One Time Password Login

A one-time password is a method to authenticate the login process for your Facebook profile. This will make sure that only you can access your Facebook profile.

How this works is that you create a one time password for your recognized devices and thus your Facebook profile can be accessed only via those recognized devices unless you use that one time password again for a new device.

The only way a person can retrieve your one time password is using your cell phone, so that makes it a great choice to protect your Facebook profile from hackers.

Do NOT Click on Spam links or allow spam applications to access your profile

This is one of the most viral form of exploit spreading into Facebook.

Make sure that you avoid clicking on any form of super-interesting links or applications that your friend might share on their Facebook walls.

Using these applications, the spammer gets direct access to your Facebook profile and thus he/she can easily manipulate your Facebook wall with status/image updates.

Well, its best to avoid clicking on any links on your Facebook wall/chat/message unless the link is verified to be safe.

Well, these were some simple yet quick tips that you can use today to save your Facebook profile from hackers and spammers and thus maintain a clean and safe online identity.

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