5 Ideas For Weird Social Networks That Might Work

Social networking has gotten pretty big in the last decade. Virtually everyone under the age of 30 has used one in some form or another, any many teenagers spend every waking moment checking in on their profiles. Where will the future of social media lead us? How much more entrenched into society will it get?

How many different niche communities can be transformed into vibrant online networks? Well, five particularly weird ones come to mind:

Social Network for Psychics

There’s probably already online networks for multiple paranormal communities, but the social network for psychics would offer a forum for practitioners of telepathy, ESP, and other psychic phenomena to pool their talents, share stories from the future and past lives, and send information digitally with just their minds. If you ever wanted to shape your destiny with psychic chat, this would be the network that would have all the right tools and services. Imagine the kind of open source software would get bandied about by people who already know what tools are in the pipeline. Not to mention, privacy issues would be simplified by all the members already knowing whos looking at their info.

Social Network For Cemetery workers

Graveyard diggers, morticians, funeral directors would all have a place to come together online and share their stories of the dead. From tombstone talk to burial jokes, the social network for cemetery workers would be a healthy, albeit morbid, niche web corner for stressed out people who have to deal with issues of death all day. Not only would this network be a treasure trove of funny tidbits, it would help many people to reduce their fear of death and the financial stresses that come with funding a funeral. Also, think of all online marketing for funeral expenses and burial plots! You could fund the entire site with just a few coffin manufacturer contracts!

Social Network for Social Network creators

With how many social networks are out there and how many more ideas for social networks are out there, it stands to reason that there could be a social network for people who create social networks. In the future, we will need some kind of database for all these networks and maybe that could be one of the functions—keeping a list of the networks that are already out there. Also, a network like this could serve as a great sounding board for prospective web entrepreneurs, potentially saving them years of their lives and tens of thousands of dollars in seed money. Imagine the utterances: Oh wait, that’s already been done? Or that’s already been done but it sucks and I can do it better.

Social Network for Procrastinators

Isn’t that what social networking is? A way to procrastinate. Well, not exactly, but your point is taken. No, the social network for procrastinators would be an online support community for people who just cant get to work. It could provide resources, forums, inspiration, and web applications to help people finally launch that dream project theyve been turning around in their heads for the last few years. Maybe all you need is a like-minded procrastinator to create the first spark of action. Or maybe you need a vibrant community of frustrated procrastinators to help you turn your life around and get to work. This network kind of sounds like a good idea for a feel-good movie too.

Social Network For Drug Addicts

Ideally this would be much more than just an elaborate way to score drugs, although inevitably it would be used for that, which could create some legal issues. The social network for drug addicts would be much more of a support community for people struggling with substance abuse problems, providing resources, self-help tools, and a forum for people to talk about their stories and struggles. Almost everyone knows someone who has a drug problem, but often times these people dont feel comfortable talking with friends and family about their addictions. Maybe what they need is an anonymous group of people struggling with the same malady. The greatest challenge here would be to keep the site protected from law enforcement agencies, who might infiltrate it using fake profiles in order to glean information about dealers.

These social networks might not get as big as Facebook, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t thousands of psychics, grave diggers, procrastinators, drug addicts, and social media creators out there that wouldn’t be interested. Its safe to assume that every weird, random niche community out there could easily have a social network attached to it. So get to work, developers! Don’t procrastinate!

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