5 Basic SEO Strategies for Drupal You Must Not Ignore

The websites made with the Drupal CMS can be optimized easily. The typical structure and features of Drupal Content Management System makes the SEO simple and smooth for your website. Managing SEO for a Drupal based website is much easier as compared to the other open source content management systems and if you add some specific module and follow some important SEO strategies, it can be even more powerful. Choosing the best Drupal Hosting solutions for your website is one of the major things, that you need to consider with which you can improve your site/blogs SEO even better than it appears.

Below are some very important facts that you must never ignore if you want a better SEO for your Drupal website

How to Drupal SEO

#1. Clean and friendly URLs

While building a website in Drupal CMS, it provides the URL which is a bit intricate and complex. This may affect the SEO of the website and thus one must never ignore the use of clean URLs modules present in the Drupal CMS. Clean URLs allows the user to use their own keywords and categories in the directories. It also allow the user to give the file name of their choice which is very important for the search engine optimization of any website. To configure the clean URLs module the steps are-

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Administer ->site configuration ->Clean URLs.

To install the clean URLs module click on ‘Run’. This will help you a lot in SEO of your Drupal based website and thus must never be ignored.

#2. Your Keywords

Using the right keywords at right place and in right manner is one of the most important and unavoidable strategy of SEO. If you are ignoring the proper placement and proper use of keyword you are certainly making a huge mistake and your website might suffer because of this. If you get it wrong or ignore this strategy of SEO you will end up in wasting a lot of money as well as time. Optimizing the website with most suitable keyword is the best SEO strategy and brings the best results.

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#3. Inbound links

The inbound links can improve the website ranking massively. If you ignore this SEO strategy, you are certainly taking your website a long back. Increase the number of inbound links in your website and try to link them with the most reputable websites. This will improve the website ranking considerably. There are many different ways to create the inbound links but one must be very careful while selecting the way as it may also considered as spam by Google.

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#4. XML Sitemap

If you are ignoring the use of XML Sitemap you are missing something very important. If you have an XML Sitemap of website which is submitted to leading search engine like Google, is the fastest mode to get a high ranking in Google. There is an automatic XML Sitemap module in Drupal CMS which generate an XML Sitemap automatically with the proper specifications.

#5. SEO Webdesign

SEO web design is a good determinant for search engine to recognize website. To get the best SEO results for your Drupal based website one must never ignore the importance of SEO Web design. User-friendly and optimized web design will bring lots of visitors and increase the page views of your website. you may also join a Web Design Course to know more.

The main aim of SEO is to attain a good ranking for the website and owning a top position in the search engines. All the efforts and strategies points to this goal and if any of the basis SEO strategy is ignored, it may bring the bad results for your website.

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