4 Unique Ways to Make Affiliate Marketing Sales

Almost each and every blogger has turned into internet marketer trying to sell products and make money using affiliates. Affiliate marketing is most common is SEO and Blogging Tips blog which build a huge list of subscribers and then recommend plugins, themes and softwares thus bringing them loads of money in the form of Affiliate Earnings.
Everyone is following the same path, here are some ways of making affiliate sales online :


Take On the Guest Post

Guest posting is really great as it helps ranking up quickly, but if you see from other site it has one more benefit too. Why not insert Affiliate links into a guest post on an already established blog? Although, there are many blogs which simply don’t accept guest posts with affiliate links, negotiate with them for their commissions per sale . Another way is acting tricky and making them realize the real potential of the product and they will grant you permission to insert the affiliate link. Such way can bring in hundreds of sales if the blog is popular . So, 1 Guest Post and 100 Affiliate Sales, not bad, eh?

Review and Web 2.0 Sites

There are various review and web 2.0 sites like Hubpages, Ukritic , Squidoo which allows affiliate links to be placed in the post itself. These websites are already established and have huge domain authority so it is easy to list. Their huge user database helps in converting good amount of Affiliate sales. One should surely give Review Sites a try for making affiliate sales online.

Give Something to Take Something

Many of the bloggers follow this approach in an indirect way. If a thing is offered online for $100, offer it for $80 by negotiating with the seller and people will surely knock the deal with your affiliate links. Many internet marketers use discount coupon code method (usually in the case of Web Hosting Affiliate Sales like Godaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost, etc ) . Provide users with a decent amount of discount and your affiliate sales will 101% go high.

Direct Negotiation

This is what happens on Social Networks. In various groups, a person asks

Which Web Hosting should I buy?

Don’t think of it as a normal question but as an affiliate sale opportunity. Mail him up with the company you recommend with your affiliate link. Offer him some share like, you will give him 20% of the affiliate income you earn from his purchase, so it makes a good deal for you both.

Various such questions roam over the internet even in forums, take the opportunity and don’t let it go. A little hard work and negotiation can help you in making quick $30-$100 bucks or even more depending on the product you’re promoting.

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