3 Ways To Make Passive Income From Your Blog

Creating a blog and making it successful takes a good amount of effort and if you play your cards right, can even become an income earner. However there’s no income like passive income. This type of income requires no ongoing work from you because it has a built in momentum that sort of keeps on moving without your input.

To have this type of income requires a few things; a good strategy, some luck and old fashioned elbow grease in the initial set up. Once you have passive income coming in from your blog, it’s a treat like no other.

With this in mind, below are three passive income ideas for any blogger. Keep in mind that these mostly will work on a successful blog that has a good amount of traffic. As without traffic, you just have a virtual paperweight.

1. Skimlinks

You’ve probably seen these links before on sites and blogs that you read and didn’t know what they were. Skimlinks are an alternative to Adsense and also work a bit differently. These links skim your content and certain words get linked (hence the name skimlinks) which when clicked lead the reader to a retailer. Upon a click and resulting sale you get a small commission from Skimlinks. Many high traffic site and blog owners have mentioned they have good results and good passive income from this clever and easy method. Whether it’s right for you depends again on your traffic levels and the type of content you cater to.

2. Adsense

There are bloggers making hundreds and thousands of dollars with the Google ad network known as Adsense. This ad network works around your content with the ads served up solely based on your niche and the words in it. This is not an easy passive income method no matter how many guru’s mention that it is. It is not. There’s quite a process to the method and it generally involves picking a certain high paying niche, writing your content in such a way as to garner high paying words and then getting you visitors to click on the ads. Not easy by any means, and many bloggers have tried and failed or make just a few dollars a day after years of trying. So although it is a good passive income method for blog owners, it requires a certain degree of skill to achieve max return.

3. Self-Published eBook

This idea revolves around writing a book in your area of specialization and promoting it via your good blog. If the book is good, you promote it well and your blog has a readership or traffic; your book will be a smash hit and make you passive income. Give it your all and knock it out of the ballpark when you write the book. Leave no stone unturned and let others be your guide. Many bloggers are making a decent income via a self-published book they promote on their blogs. Don’t discount the awesome power of your site and its ability to do great wondrous magical feats.

In your search for passive income don’t forget to create a kick butt blog with useful information, tips and entertainment. This is after all what your readership is after. In return your hard earned efforts will net you many handsome rewards.

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