3 Little Things You Can Do To Improve Your Writing Skills Today!

If you’re just starting out as a writer, from a beginner’s perspective, it takes many hours, days, weeks, month’s and even years of practice to become the skilled and creative writer you want to be.  But it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been writing for or how much experience you have, there’s always something new to learn as a writer.


But today I want to share with you 3 little things you can start doing right now, each and every day to improve your writing skills, check it out.

1. Read something everyday, I know you probably read a lot of blogs and what have you, but go beyond the blogs.  Read a couple pages of a book, a magazine, newspaper articles, an eBook… I don’t care what it is just sit and read for 20 or 30 minutes but do it every single day without fail!

2. Rewrite some of your old existing content, if you have articles on article sites or blog posts, rewrite them again to see how much you’ve improved since you last wrote them, in fact and if possible pick one post per week to rewrite.  The added bonus of doing this is that you not only improve your writing skills, but you also get to update the content on your blog in the same process.

3. Read it out loud, that’s right! Next time you are revising a blog post, read it aloud to yourself, on many occasions when I’m reading a blog post revision aloud, it sounds completely different to how I thought I’d written it, therefore I’ll make the necessary changes to improve it, give it a go.

So there you go folks, three little but effective actionable tips for you to digest, and start using to improve your writing skills today!  Do you have a few more tips to add to my short but sweet list?  Leave me a comment below as always.


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