3 Blog Tips to Make a Great First Impression

If you want a memorable blog which will get returning visitors and readers, you need to make a great first impression. After all, a blog loaded with plenty of great information and original ideas isn’t going to be worth much if there is no one around to appreciate its contents. The second reason why we all need an attractive blog is that the design of the blog also reflects on our dedication to the blogging craft, and it also reveals how much thought one has put into the design and overall branding of a site.

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Tip #1: Make a Statement

There are over 23 million blogs on WordPress, 10 million tumblogs on Tumblr and over 2 million blogs on Technorati (and counting), which means that you should aim to create a niche for yourself to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Generally, people from across the globe are attracted to sites which are either based on humor, beauty, emotions or contain an element shocking enough to start people talking about and spreading news about your site. To do this, one can either attract the site visitors attention via catchy graphics or content.

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When it comes to designing your blog around an image, you should do your best to avoid stock images as these are seen as unoriginal and boring. If you cant design fresh graphic content for your site, you might want to delegate the task to a third party as there are plenty of freelance graphic designers and programmers easily accessible online.

Generally, the more customized your site is, the more sincere and successful it is perceived to be whereas bloggers who stick to default themes are usually regarded as amateurs who are still learning how to blog with flair.

Alternatively, you could also seduce the new site visitor to linger a little longer through catchy headlines and useful information. As new site visitors tend to only skim through a blog post (as opposed to reading it word-for-word), you might want to add in charts, bulleted lists, graphs and generously spaced paragraphs to make your post easier to read and understand.

Tip #2: Keep It Simple

Blog visitors are not novel readers, but are simply individuals who want information in the shortest, most convenient manner. Hence, while it is possible to upload long posts and still garner readership, the majority of site visitors will best appreciate bloggers who can successfully convey the meaning of their blog post in a simple manner. After all, not all Internet users are fluent in the English language.

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Those of us who are experts in a niche field may also tend to get over enthusiastic when it comes to providing information of a familiar subject matter, but it is important to refrain from overloading your first-time site visitors with way too much information.

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In general, a healthy blog post should be about 700 words in length and contain at least two relevant images to help convey the bloggers message. If you find yourself guilty of writing 5,000-word blog posts, try to compartmentalize your writing into several postings with interlink with each other. After all, while a lengthy keyword-rich post will do well during SEO searches, no site visitor really wants to spend their time pouring over a wall of text!

You might also want to consider adding a conclusion or side note at the bottom of all your blog posts to reiterate what the main message of your post was. This way, new visitors can first read about your intentions and ideas before delving into the rest of the blog.

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Tip #3: Make a Great Impression, For Free

New bloggers with shallow pockets may find it challenging to create a blog layout which is elegant and original, especially when your site has yet to create positive cash flow for you. In this case, you might want to consider gradually upgrading the look of your site starting with the header. After all, the header is the very first focal point for every site visitor and it represents the theme of the entire blog.

Next, you might also consider picking up simple programming so you can tweak the rest of your layout. If this is your first foray in programming, you might want to study similar blogs done by competitors. Once you’re happy with your header and blog layout, you can then consider commissioning for customized graphics and buttons as well to add uniqueness to your blog without burning a hole in your pocket.

The best thing about owning a blog on the Internet is that anyone can own a highly successful blog site, even if you have shallow pockets. However, do note that creating a great first impression for your blog doesn’t guarantee constant site visits in the long run as what ultimately gets the readers coming back for more is the content quality of your blog.

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