3 Best Keyword Optimization Strategies for 2014 and 2015

Keyword optimization is very important for every online business. I came across many webmasters and bloggers and site owners who are continuously working to optimize their site but they are not focusing on proper keyword optimization strategies, even many of them don’t know about keyword optimization. First of all I would like to inform you that keyword optimization is very important if you really wish to succeed with your online venture. Keyword optimization is the first and the most important step to start and to get fruit full results from your internet marketing campaigns either with organic SEO or with Paid advertisements like Google Adwords. So without wasting any more time let’s get started with keyword optimization. We can divide Keyword optimization in three steps and we’ll discuss all of these steps in details below. also see why Google Keyword Planner is Best for Keyword Research.


First Phase of Keyword Optimization

If you’re going to work on a new project either your own or your client’s website it’s very-very important to start with long tail keywords. But the question is why starting with long tail keywords? Let me explain you. Long tail keywords are those keywords which are easy to optimize and having very less competition. It’s very easy to get a top position with a long tail keyword because there is very low competition. Actually the thing is when your site will start getting position in SERP then you’ll definitely start getting queries and business. According to my experience your site will get top 10 to top 3 position within a month or two. After getting results you’ll not frustrate with your work. Short tail or high competitive keywords take at least six months to grab a position. I saw many webmasters get frustrate during this long period so it’s better to start with a short tail keyword. This strategy is also works great with pay per click campaigns because due to low competition you need to pay a small a small amount for the clicks you’ll receive. site speed is a big concern according to Google see here how to speed up your site.

Second Phase of Keyword Optimization

After getting position with long tail keywords now the time is to go for medium competition or medium tail keywords. After worked with first phase now your site is already optimized for Onpage and off page and indexed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Now you need not to work very hard for medium competitive keywords. You just need to spent around two months and your site will get at least top fifth position. you may also like how to create seo campaigns.

Third Phase of Keyword Optimization

And third and the last face to fight for long tail keywords. After getting position with medium tail keywords now your need not work very hard because your site is already has high quality and a big number of backlinks and  already having a good position in SERP. learn how to get top position without SEO.


Conclusion I very simple that you must start with low competitive keywords if your site is brand new. I also suggest my students in Delhi Courses to work with this strategy to get maximum exposure. you can also join our SEO Training Institute to know more about Internet Marketing.

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