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Those who are new to the world of blogging are sometimes puzzled by the fact that they are not receiving visitors even though they have been building backlinks to their freshly started blogs. In a recent blog we described one method of how you can find auto approve comment sites, which should help you out in your backlinking campaigns. If you are wondering what would be the reason why you are not receiving visitors, the answer would be that there’s simply too much competition.

Nowadays no matter what kind of website you start, there’s probably thousands of websites on the same subject, and in order to start receiving visitors you’re gonna have to push start your website by buying traffic. Perfect example would be this blog here, and another one of my websites that were started at pretty much the same time.

As you can see, I’m receiving some traffic, yey;). It might not be much, I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the site unfortunately, but it’s some. When we look at one of my other sites, which was stated a few weeks after this one, we see that the numbers are not as good as they are on this site where you are reading this article:

What did I do differently here on Delhi Courses that I didn’t on my other site, so that it shows better results? The answer to this question would be that I invested in a very small traffic campaign, of just 500 visitors. I say invested, it was free actually, a test run, but it helped out a lot, as you can see from the images above.

Can buying traffic really help out?

Indeed it can, especially if you have affiliate advertising on your website, the trick is to buy proper traffic. Whatever you do, do not buy traffic from PTC website, you could if you are selling products, but if you have Adsense on your website you’ll be banned. Traffic exchange sites should also be avoided, so what’s left?

Where to buy blog traffic?

Well you can start by visiting webmaster forums, and there checking the buy, sell, trade section for any kind of traffic sale threads. This way you can read other peoples reviews of the traffic that’s being sold, and majority of more serious traffic websites are advertising on webmaster forums, so check there and find the best offer for you.

How much can buying blog traffic help

A lot, and the way that it can help is that search engines will see that your site has a lot of activity, and by buying traffic next to backlinking, quality baclinking of course, your search engine position will increase a lot which means a lot of traffic, organic traffic, not just purchased traffic, which can stop once that traffic from search engines starts coming in. Buy test traffic, spread it across 1 month, 5000 visitors, spread them across 30 days and then wait a few months to see the results, try it and see how it goes.

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